Strategic flood risk assessment (September 2010)

What is the Strategic flood risk assessment (September 2010)?

A Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment of the district has been completed on behalf of us and Cambridge City Council by consultants, and endorsed by the Environment Agency. The study assesses the flood risk from all types of flooding in the district, taking into account the existing climate and predicted changes in the climate.

The Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) has been carried out in line with national planning policy - Planning Policy Statement 25: Development and Flood Risk (PPS25).

The study will be used as background information when preparing and reviewing the Local Development Framework. It provides guidance to the council on applying the sequential and exception test required by PPS25. These tests seek firstly to guide new development to the area of the lowest flood risk and secondly, if development has to go in areas of higher flood risk, to manage that risk.

The SFRA also provides information for developers, including the requirements for site specific Flood Risk Assessments (FRA) and guidance on the design of sustainable drainage systems (SuDs).

The Study replaces the previous SFRA carried out in 2005.

Please note: The SFRA should be regarded as a living document as new data is becoming available all the time. Fluvial (river) flood maps are updated quarterly by the Environment Agency, although changes will only occur where appropriate modelling has been undertaken (for example, it is unlikely that there will be constant changes in a specific area). The latest Flood Map is available to view on the Environment Agency website (please note that these maps do not differentiate between Flood Zone 3a and Flood Zone 3b, or identify the potential impact of climate change).

The Environment Agency Flood Map was updated in March 2011, and although almost all of it covers similar extents to the flood maps in Appendix D of the SFRA, there are some differences. Both the Environment Agency's Flood Map and the SFRA should therefore be viewed together for the most comprehensive information at the current time. Further information can be obtained from the Environment Agency Anglian Region Central Area Office.

An update of the SFRA is planned for Spring 2012.

Cambridgeshire Flood Risk Management Partnership

The Cambridgeshire Flood Risk Management Partnership (CFRMP) brings together key stakeholders in flood risk management, and provides a coordinated collaborative approach to flood risk management across the County.

A strategic Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP) has been produced for Cambridgeshire. SWMPs identify areas vulnerable to surface water flooding. The areas, called 'wet spots', once identified will then be prioritised for further investigation, and eventual mitigation where economically viable. More detailed studies have also been undertaken of Cambridge and Milton, and Girton. Additionally, a Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment has been produced covering the whole of the Cambridgeshire County Council area. This is the first of a four stage process that will be undertaken by Cambridgeshire County Council as part of its obligations under the Flood Risk Regulations 2009.

The Strategic Flood Risk Assessment is available to download or view in pdf format:

Appendix A: Assessment Area, Planned Major Developments, CFMP Areas and Policy Units:

Appendix B: Existing Watercourses, Reservoir Locations, Historical Flooding, Surface Water Flood Risk Mapping and Sewage Treatment Works:

Appendix C: Hydraulic Structures and Defences, SuDS Infiltration Feasibility Plan, Source Protection Zones and EA Warning Areas:

Appendix D: Flood Risk Constraints Mapping (including Fluvial Hazard Mapping) and Breach Hazard Mapping:

Appendix E: Site Specific Toolkit, DEFRA (FD2320/TR2) and Data Register:

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