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LATEST NEWS: 27 September 2018

On 27 September 2018, the South Cambridgeshire Local Plan was adopted and the Adopted Policies Map was agreed for publication.

Together the South Cambridgeshire Local Plan (September 2018) and Adopted Policies Map (September 2018) replace the Core Strategy DPD (January 2007), Development Control Policies DPD (July 2007), Site Specific Policies DPD (January 2010), Local Plan 2004 'Saved' Policy CNF6, and Adopted Proposals Map (February 2012).

The Council’s website will be fully updated over the coming days to reflect these changes.

Updated 6th September 2018

This monthly update gives information on:

  • Live planning related consultations in South Cambridgeshire to help you have your say
  • Forthcoming planning related consultations in South Cambridgeshire
  • Other key planning news at local, county and national levels.

Information on any consultations that may affect people living or working in South Cambridgeshire can be viewed on the Council's consultations webpage.



Waterbeach Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

The consultation on the draft Waterbeach SPD will take place for 6 weeks from 14 September to 26 October 2018. For more information see the section in the update below about this SPD.


Cambridge Local Plan and South Cambridgeshire Local Plan: Examination update -The Local Plans have been found sound

The independent Inspectors appointed to examine the Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire Local Plans have written their Final Reports, published on Monday 3 September 2018.

The Inspectors’ Reports conclude that the Cambridge Local Plan and the South Cambridgeshire Local Plan are sound and provide an appropriate basis for the planning of the area, provided that a number of main modifications are made, which are detailed in their reports.

The Inspectors have considered responses received during these consultation periods, and all other matters raised throughout the Examination period, in reaching their conclusions. 

A copy of the Inspectors Report into the South Cambridgeshire Local Plan is available to view at South Cambridgeshire Hall, Cambourne Business Park, Cambourne, Cambridge, CB23 6EA between 9am and 5:30pm.

Following receipt of the Inspectors’ Report, the Examinations of both Local Plans have now concluded.
The South Cambridgeshire Local Plan will be presented to a Cabinet meeting on Monday 24 September 2018 before a final decision on adoption is made at a Council meeting on Thursday 27 September 2018.

The Inspectors Report documents

Waterbeach New Town SPD and Bourn Airfield New Village SPD 

The Council has commissioned ARUP to prepare supplementary planning documents (SPD) for Waterbeach New Town and Bourn Airfield New Village, as agreed by the Planning Portfolio Holder on the 13th December 2016.
These will provide further guidance on how the new settlements included in the Local Plan should come forward. These allocations have now been confirmed by the Inspectors in their final report.

In recognition of the current planning applications by Urban and Civic and RLW for Waterbeach new town, work has been focused on the Waterbeach new town SPD.

Following engagement with a range of stakeholders the draft Waterbeach New Town SPD has now been prepared.

The SPD amplifies the policy provided by the Local Plan and provides the vision for how the whole town will come forward to create a thriving new community and together they set the benchmark that planning applications will be assessed against.

It includes strategic principles for development and place-making that sets the expectations for the new settlement, to guide master planning of the site. It includes a detailed analysis of the existing site context including development constraints such as heritage assets, landscape character and flood risk, and opportunities from the assets already present on the site.

It identifies guiding principles that should be used to inform development relating to a number of key themes including movement and place, housing, open space, environmental sustainability and climate change.

The draft SPD identifies an indicative spatial framework for the new settlement, identifying key land uses with an emphasis on creating a comprehensive development across the entire development area.

The Council’s Scrutiny Committee on 14 August considered the draft SPD. The Council’s Cabinet at its meeting on 5th September, approved the draft SPD for public consultation.

The consultation on the draft SPD will take place for 6 weeks from 14 September to 26 October 2018.

Reflecting and respecting the level of local opposition to the Bourn Airfield new village proposal in the Local Plan, work on a Bourn Airfield SPD has not started, pending the outcome of the Local Plan examination. However, this allocation was confirmed by the Inspectors in their final report and work can now be taken forward as and will start with community engagement in the autumn.

Neighbourhood Planning News in South Cambridgeshire

Great Abington Former LSA Estate Neighbourhood Plan

The Great Abington Former Land Settlement Association (LSA) Estate Neighbourhood Plan was submitted for examination on 30 May 2018. The independent examiner appointed to carry out the examination is Andrew Ashcroft.

The Neighbourhood Plan is now being considered by the examiner, and he has asked the District Council and Parish Council a series of clarification questions. Both Councils have responded to the examiner’s questions and their answers have been submitted to him. The Examiners clarification note and the Councils’ responses are published on our website.  . 

If endorsed, with or without any changes, the Neighbourhood Plan can proceed towards a local referendum, and if agreed by a majority of voters would be finalised and become part of the development plan alongside the Local Plan. This would be the first ‘made’ neighbourhood plan in South Cambridgeshire.

To view the Neighbourhood Plan and its supporting documents visit our Great Abington Former LSA Estate Neighbourhood Plan webpage.

Update on Neighbourhood Area Designations

Fulbourn Parish Council submitted an application to have the whole of its parish designated as a neighbourhood area. This designation has been agreed by the Council. We now have eighteen designated neighbourhood areas within the district.  

Updated Support Offer for Parish Councils preparing plans

As from 31 July 2018 a new regulation requires all councils to set out in their Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) how they will carry out their duty to assist local communities within their areas who are preparing neighbourhood plans.

Cabinet considered a report on 26 July 2018 about our SCI. This set out how we will fulfil this new regulation.  It was agreed at this meeting to add our adopted Support Offer to parish councils in an addendum to the SCI.  An updated offer was approved by Cabinet members which includes the revised information about Locality and the technical support packages it is now offering to local communities. 

The Cabinet report also agreed recommendations to streamline some of the decision making procedures for neighbourhood planning having regard to national regulations.

Neighbourhood Planning Toolkit – updates required

South Cambridgeshire District Council has recently changed its website provider which as a result means that many of the links provided within the toolkit which link directly back to our own website will need to be revised.

Also a revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was published in July 2018 (See National News section below). Some of the changes included in this impact on neighbourhood planning.  So far the on-line practice guidance that provides more detail to the NPPF has yet to been published but we will look to update the guidance notes of the toolkit where appropriate to reflect the changes in the NPPF.  


Uttlesford Local Plan

Uttlesford District Council carried out a pre-submission consultation on its Local Plan which included a proposed North Uttlesford Garden Community to the north east of Great Chesterford and just to the south of the A11. The Council intends to submit its plan for examination later this year.

South Cambridgeshire District Council made representations to Uttlesford DC on their plan and these were agreed in a report considered by our Cabinet on 26 July 2018

Huntingdonshire Local Plan

The Huntingdonshire Local Plan to 2036 and its supporting documents were submitted for independent examination to the Secretary of State on 29 March 2018.

The next hearing sessions for this examination are on 10 September 2018. Further information about the examination is available to view on the Huntingdonshire council website.



National Planning Policy Framework

The government published a revised National Planning Policy Framework on 24 July 2018. This sets out the government’s planning policies for England and how these are expected to be applied.

Some of the key changes to NPPF are as follows:

  1. Local authorities will have a new standard methodology for assessing housing need to increase the number of homes delivered each year
  2. The introduction of a housing delivery test for local authorities in November 2018
  3. A requirement for Councils to identify 10% of their housing requirements on sites no larger than 1 hectare;
  4. New tests for alterations to Green Belt boundaries;
  5. Changes to the definition of deliverable and clarification of the meaning of major development in glossary;
  6. Local plans must as a minimum, “ seek to meet the area’s objectively assessed needs” to be declared sound;
  7. Large scale development must be well located and designed and supported by the necessary infrastructure and facilities;
  8. Importance of high quality design is emphasised;
  9. Plan reviews will be needed at least every five years where local housing need figures have or look set to "change significantly";

Ancient woodland and veteran trees are accorded more protection

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