Waterbeach Neighbourhood Plan

Current stage

The Waterbeach Neighbourhood Plan is at the pre-submission stage of plan making. This means that Waterbeach Parish Council is carrying out a six-week consultation on its draft neighbourhood plan.

Deadline for comments on the neighbourhood plan is 24 February 2020. If you wish to make comments, please look on the website dedicated to the Waterbeach Neighbourhood Plan to find out how to do this – see the link below.

Key dates

Neighbourhood area designated by SCDC: 10 August 2015

Pre-submission public consultation (Regulation 14): 13 January - 24 February 2020

Neighbourhood Plan submitted to SCDC: n/a

Submission public consultation (Regulation 16): n/a

Neighbourhood Plan sent for examination: n/a

Referendum: n/a

Neighbourhood Plan made: n/a


Waterbeach Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood area designated

On 10 August 2015 the Planning Portfolio Holder approved the designation of a neighbourhood area for Waterbeach that includes the whole parish, with South Cambridgeshire District Council and Waterbeach Parish Council agreeing a framework, by 21 August 2015, as to how they will work together.

At a meeting of the Parish Council on 18 August 2015, the ‘Joint Working Agreement’ was agreed. The final Joint Working Agreement has now been formally agreed and signed by both Councils. The neighbourhood area for Waterbeach is now formally designated.

Pre-submission consultation (Regulation 14)

Waterbeach Parish Council is carrying out a consultation on their pre-submission Neighbourhood Plan for their parish. The consultation is from 13 January until 24 February 2020.

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