Neighbourhood planning toolkit

Our Neighbourhood planning toolkit has been designed to help local communities decide whether they want to get involved in creating a neighbourhood plan and if they do, how to go about preparing a neighbourhood plan.

Update April 2020: How Coronavirus impacts the toolkit 

We are aware that there have been changes to the national guidance since we last updated the toolkit. The latest was published on 6 April 2020. The Ministry of Housing, Community and Local Government published a new section to the online planning guidance relating to neighbourhood planning specifically about the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and neighbourhood plans. This will concern those parish councils preparing neighbourhood plans who may be at a stage close to carrying out a public consultation or submitting their plan to South Cambridgeshire District Council. The guidance also indicates that no referendums can be carried out now until May 2021.

We have changed our website provider which as a result means that many of the links provided within the toolkit which link directly back to our own website will need to be revised. 

Locality has a website dedicated to neighbourhood planning which can be found here

A revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was published in February 2019. Some of the changes included in this impact on neighbourhood planning.  We will look to update the guidance notes of the toolkit where appropriate to reflect the changes in the NPPF.

If you have problems accessing information in the toolkit please contact us for help. Contact details are at the end of this page.

Support Offer (adopted July 2018) sets out how we will support Parish Councils preparing neighbourhood plans.

Memorandum of Understanding (adopted December 2017) sets out how we will work together with Parish Councils preparing neighbourhood plans.

Temporary Suspension  - Foxton Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

In response to Covid-19 restrictions, the consultation on Foxton Neighbourhood Plan (Submission public consultation - Regulation 16) has been temporarily suspended. It was due to close at 5pm on the 28 April 2020. This is to ensure that the full terms of the current regulatory requirements can be met.

Representations made up to this point will still be counted, and we will we notify those who have already responded. We will also let them know when the consultation re-opens in case they wish to amend or submit further comments.

Reflecting the fact that 2 weeks were completed prior to current Government restrictions, when the consultation re-opens it is anticipated that it will run for a period of an additional 4 weeks to ensure the full 6 weeks are available.

We will keep the situation under review, including any further guidance received from Government on Neighbourhood Planning processes during these challenging times.

Neighbourhood planning toolkit

1. Introduction (adopted February 2018)

Deciding to produce a Neighbourhood Plan

2. Is a neighbourhood plan the right tool for your Parish (adopted December 2017)

3. Getting started (adopted December 2017)

Preparing the Plan

4. Getting a neighbourhood area designated (adopted December 2017)

Applications to designate a Neighbourhood Area should be made using the Council's application form.

5. Developing a vision and objectives (adopted December 2017)

6. Generating options (adopted December 2017)

7. Writing planning policies (adopted February 2018)

8. Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) (adopted February 2018)

9. Sources of evidence and information (adopted December 2017)

10. Community engagement and Neighbourhood Plans (adopted December 2017)

11. What are the basic conditions and how to meet them (adopted December 2017)

12. Strategic policies (adopted December 2017)

13. Site assessment (adopted December 2017)

14. Maps for Neighbourhood Plans (adopted December 2017), updated Appendix 2 (Print Costs) (published December 2019)

15. Affordable housing (adopted December 2017)

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