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Waterbeach New Town SPD

Waterbeach New Town Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

What is the draft Waterbeach New Town SPD about?

The SPD relates to an area of land covering approximately 580 ha situated about 9km north-east of Cambridge City Centre. The site is focused on brownfield land formerly used as Waterbeach Barracks, accompanied by adjoining farmland.

The SPD provides guidance about how the new town should be designed, developed and delivered consistent with the new Local Plan. It has been prepared to guide a comprehensive approach to its development and the provision of infrastructure across the whole site.

Have your say

The draft SPD was approved for public consultation at a meeting of the Cabinet on 5 September 2018.

Consultation is for six weeks and begins at 5pm on Friday 14 September until 5pm 26 October 2018.

The draft Waterbeach New Town SPD is being consulted upon along with the following accompanying documents:

These documents will be available for inspection at

  • South Cambridgeshire District Council offices at:
    South Cambridgeshire Hall, Cambourne, Cambridge CB23 6EA (8.30am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday).
  • Waterbeach Library Community Centre, High Street, Waterbeach, Cambridge CB25 9JU (2.45pm – 5pm Monday; 2.45pm-5pm,6pm-8pm Wednesday; 2pm-5.30pm Friday; 10am-12noon Saturday).

The Council has also prepared a Summary Consultation Leaflet.

Public exhibition

A public exhibition was held in the village on Monday 8th October at the Salvation Army Hall, 7 Station Road, Waterbeach, CB25 NHT between the hours of 12.30 and 7.30pm, officers were on hand to answer questions.
The exhibition will then be continually on display until the end of the consultation period at:

  • South Cambridgeshire District Council offices at South Cambridgeshire Hall, Cambourne, Cambridge CB23 6EA (8.30am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday)

The public exhibition can also be read on-line by viewing the Waterbeach New Town SPD PDF.


Representations on the consultation documents can be made in a number of ways:

Using the Online Response Form


Completing the response form and emailing it to us at:


Printing the response form, completing it and posting it to us using the address on the form

Any representation submitted may also be accompanied by a request to be notified of the adoption of the document.

Why has a Supplementary Planning Document been prepared for the Waterbeach New Town?

The emerging Local Plan allocates a site for a new town north of Waterbeach.

On 3 September 2018, Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District (SCDC) Council published the Inspectors’ Reports on their respective Local Plans. The Inspectors have concluded that both Local Plans are ‘sound’ subject to a number of modifications being made. The consequence of this for the Waterbeach New Town is that the modification to produce an SPD rather than an Area Action Plan (AAP) has been agreed by the Inspectors. SCDC can therefore move forward with a Supplementary Planning Document for Waterbeach New Town.

Three planning applications have so far been received by SCDC.

These are:

  • An outline planning application for up to 6500 dwellings and associated other uses and infrastructure, received in 2017 from U&C;
  • A full planning application for the proposed relocation of Waterbeach railway station, received in 2018 from RLW Estates
  • An outline application for up to 4500 dwellings and associated other uses and infrastructure, received in 2018 from RLW Estates.

The SPD will become a material planning consideration to the determination of planning applications for the site.

It is important that the Council as local planning authority takes a lead in the planning of these major new developments and that it provide an opportunity for community engagement on its preparation. The draft SPD can help achieve this objective.

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