North East Cambridge (Cambridge Northern Fringe) Area Action Plan - Issues and Options 2019 Consultation

What is the North East Cambridge Area Action Plan?

The Councils are preparing a new plan for development of the area west of the new Cambridge North Station, together with Cambridge Science Park.

Our plans explore how this area could be transformed into a pedestrian and cycle friendly district, creating the opportunity for thousands of new energy efficient homes and jobs, all supported by new community and leisure facilities, shops and green spaces.

Our vision: ‘North East Cambridge will be a socially and economically inclusive, thriving, and low-carbon place for innovative living and working; inherently walkable where everything is on your doorstep.’

We have prepared a North East Cambridge Area Action Plan - Issues and Options 2019 Report. This identifies the key issues, challenges and opportunities facing the area and sets out the different ways these could be responded to.

We set out some questions we sought views on.

The consultation was held between 9am on Monday 11 February and 5pm on Monday 25 March 2019, as set out in the Public Notice.

You can view the consultation documents and (once all the comments have been registered) all the responses online using the interactive online consultation system and Engagement HQ.

Why has the name changed?

This plan is referred to as the ‘Cambridge Northern Fringe Area Action Plan’ in the Local Development Scheme. Reflecting the more comprehensive vision being envisaged for the area, and the need to integrate development better with surrounding communities, the Councils consider that the plan should be renamed the ‘North East Cambridge Area Action Plan’. The Issues and Option 2019 document explains that the proposed Area Action Plan boundary is to include the Cambridge Northern Fringe East area allocated in the Local Plans and the Cambridge Science Park. Views are sought on this.

Consultation Documents

What happened to the comments I made in 2014?

We first carried out a consultation on Cambridge Northern Fringe East Area Action Plan - Issues and Options in 2014, and we have considered that feedback. Responding to the changing circumstances, we have now drawn up a new vision and objectives for the plan and identified a range of issues and options, the response to which will influence the strategy to be taken forward as the plan is prepared.

What happens next?

Following the consultation, the comments received will be considered and will help inform the preparation of a draft Area Action Plan, with a view to undertaking a further public consultation in spring 2020 before moving to the formal stages of Proposed Submission plan and examination.

How can I be kept informed?

Individuals and organisations can opt-in to receiving future mailings in relation to public consultations or notifications on the North East Cambridge Area Action Plan by logging in to the Cambridge City and/or South Cambridgeshire District consultation databases and choosing the ‘areas of interest’ that you would like future mailings about. When you log in, you will find the list of ‘areas of interest’ under ‘my details’.

Further Information

If you would like to find out more about the North East Cambridge Area Action Plan, please contact the Greater Cambridge Shared Planning – Planning Policy Team on 01954 713183 or email us at

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