Emerging Greater Cambridge Local Plan - Overview

What is the Greater Cambridge Local Plan?

Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council are working together to prepare a joint Local Plan for the Greater Cambridge area. Both the Councils’ current adopted Local Plans (2018) include a policy which makes a commitment to an early review of those Plans to commence before the end of 2019.

One of the first stages of the new joint Local Plan is an Issues and Options consultation. This is due to begin on Monday 13 January 2020.

A report was published on Monday 23 September, giving details of the Issues and Options consultation. This includes the themes the Local Plan will explore. Councillors will debate the report in September and October and will be asked to agree to consult local people.

We will publish more information about the consultation on our website when it begins on 13 January to help people have their say.

There will be further phases of public consultation which will end in a submission of a proposed Plan to the Secretary of State for independent examination by the end of summer 2022.

The below video provides a short explanation of the Local Plan process, including covering some of the key opportunities, issues and challenges. It was published on 24 July 2019 following some workshops held to begin to talk to local groups in advance of the first round of public consultation. This is the first in a series of videos that we’re planning to create, to open up the debate on the Local Plan so that everyone can get involved.

How to get involved

The development of the joint Local Plan must be informed by a wide range of research to create a strong evidence base, alongside input and feedback from residents, businesses, local stakeholder groups and other national and regional bodies. The Councils are committed to a genuine process of local involvement that reaches our diverse communities and demystifies the plan-making process.

There will be many opportunities for everyone interested in the Greater Cambridge area to get involved – online and in person. We will regularly update our website with further content, sharing the process of developing the joint Local Plan and inviting you to comment. Please check our website regularly.

Individuals and organisations can opt-in to receiving future mailings in relation to public consultations or notifications on planning policy documents by logging in to the Cambridge City and/or South Cambridgeshire District consultation database and choosing the ‘areas of interest’ that you would like future mailings about. When you log in, you will find the list of ‘areas of interest’ under ‘My Details’

What is a Local Plan?

The latest National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was published in February 2019 and continues to include a strong expectation that Local Authorities will prepare plans which positively seek opportunities to meet the development needs of their area, and that are sufficiently flexible to adapt to rapid change. Strategic policies should set out an overall strategy for the pattern, scale and quality of development, and make sufficient provision for a number of key land uses. These are housing (including affordable housing), employment, retail, leisure and other commercial development, infrastructure for transport and other key utilities, community facilities, and the conservation and enhancement of the natural, built and historic environment.

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