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Thank you for your patience whilst IT have been resolving the problems. The majority of our systems are now back online and IT are working hard to resolve the final few.

Nearly all problems have been resolved, although customers may still get a "delivery failure" reply if emailing a Council department.

You can still carry out most transactions on our website. If you need to contact us by phone and your call is urgent we will try to help you. If your call is not urgent please contact us in the latter half of next week as we anticipate the first half of the week to be extremely busy.

We apologise for any inconvenience while we work to resolve this problem.

Planning appeal

If your application is refused you can appeal the decision.

Making a planning appeal

If you would like to make a planning appeal, please discuss it with your case officer.

It may be possible to submit a modified application if changes to your proposal would make it acceptable. Submitting a modified application is free of charge within 12 months of the refusal.

You also have a right of appeal which can be made in the following circumstances:

  • Refusal of permission 
  • permission has been granted but with conditions which are not considered acceptable
  • failure to determine the application within the time allowed (normally 8 weeks from validation of application)
  • a Planning Enforcement Notice has been served.

The appeal must be made by the original applicant(s) and must be made within:

  • 12 weeks of the decision date for householder applications
  • 8 weeks of the decision date for advertisement consent
  • 6 months of the decision date for all other applications

You can submit your appeal online or alternatively the appeal forms can be downloaded from the Planning Portal

If you wish to discuss an appeal, please can contact your case officer who dealt with the application.

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