Changes to paper recycling collections

On Thursday 14 September 2017 councillors agreed to change the way that paper is collected for recycling. The change will be implemented from 11 December and from then on, paper will be collected mixed with other recycling in the blue bin, and will no longer need to be separated by residents into a paper caddy.

Why the changes are made

Our recycling collection lorries are due to be replaced, and this decision means that we can purchase fewer new vehicles which collect mixed recycling together than we would need if we continue to collect paper separately in vehicles with two compartments. This will save us around £670,000 over the next seven years, in vehicle costs, fuel, maintenance and staff. It will also reduce traffic and emissions.

What you need to do now

Please carry on using your paper caddy for now. 

What you need to do from 11 December 2017

From 11 December 2017, please place paper directly into your blue wheeled bin for recycling. 

What to do with your caddy

After 11 December, you can keep your caddy and use it however you wish. Alternatively, you can take it to a household recycling centre for recycling. Caddies should not be placed into wheeled bins.

New caddies

We will not be delivering any new paper caddies, so if yours is lost or stolen please put your paper in your blue bin and it will be sorted for recycling at the Materials Recovery Facility near Waterbeach.

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