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Current news

CW will be providing evidence to the 'South Cambridgeshire District Council Brexit Advisory Group' on the impact of Brexit on the Cambridge economy. To represent the views of the local technology community accurately, they are asking their network a series of questions covering business opportunities, costs, regulation and recruitment.

The KEEP+ Programme is helping businesses develop new products or services in collaboration with universities and research institutes. The Programme is now also offering 'small value' and 'large value' grants for consultancy support and capital grants to assist small and medium-sized enterprises to develop innovative new products and services.

Free advice sessions for new and growing businesses

Would you like FREE advice and support to help start a new business?

Do you own or manage an existing business and think you’d benefit from advice and support to help it to grow?

If so, you could attend free one-to-one drop-in advice sessions at South Cambridgeshire District Council’s offices in Cambourne, designed to help to increase your chance of business success.

The advice and support is provided by David Scates a business adviser with Nwes, one of the UK’s largest not-for-profit enterprise agencies.

Sessions will last for approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

The drop-in sessions will be held on the first and third Monday of every month at:
South Cambridgeshire Hall, Cambourne Business Park, Cambourne, Cambridge, CB23 6EA.

Following the initial session, it may also be possible to enrol on a further programme of support which includes one-to-one advice sessions, workshops and networking events.

To book your place on a forthcoming drop-in session, please complete our online form, email David direct or call 0845 6099 991.

Upcoming events

A selection of upcoming events, workshops and training for businesses are listed below.

Barclays Eagle Labs Early Bird Breakfast

12 December 2018

Monthly opportunities for start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs to meet other entrepreneurs and professionals in a friendly and sociable environment. If you think fellow attendees will benefit from your business and what you have to offer, you can also give a brief 3 - 5 minute stand-up pitch.

Innovate UK in the East of England 2019

22 January 2019

This event is for individuals, or people in businesses – large and small – with ideas and ambition but are unsure how to progress them. Where do I get information about funding? Who can I connect with? What support services exist in my area? You will hear how Innovate UK and its ‘family’ support business innovation across the region and realise the benefits of working with universities and the knowledge base to accelerate innovation.

Assembling the A-team

24 January 2019

At this event you will learn what makes a team investable along with proven techniques for recruiting the best possible people to your business. You will have the chance to explore the critical decisions and potential pitfalls to recruiting your A-Team with talks from experienced leaders who have been through this process before. By the end, you will better understand the recruitment decisions that reassure bother customers and investors.

The quest to understand the entrepreneur

24 January 2019

What makes an entrepreneur? Although they are becoming economic and social "heroes" as innovators and job creators, we still lack considerable knowledge about this figure. Throughout the years, the academic approaches to identify and understand the entrepreneur have been evolving. Overall, we have now an interesting and enlightening (albeit partial) picture of what entrepreneurship is. The lecture will review the different contributions and will point out some of the more promising present lines of research.

Breakfast Networking Micromastry - how to learn small and learn fast in business

5 February 2019

If you need to develop your management skills but don’t have time for an MBA, then ‘Micromastery’ could be for you. Designed for the 21st Century and the realities of a fast-paced world where time and business pressures are acute, this programme aims to explore the key principles and practice of management which deliver the greatest return on investment, and to equip you with the key management skills you need to perform beyond expectations in your role.


If you are interested to find out about other training, workshops and events, there are plenty of other opportunities in the Greater Cambridge area. These can be found on the following websites and in our Open For Business newsletter.

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