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Current news

On Tuesday 11th December, Incubyte and Paragon Land & Estates hosted a mini launch event on the Cambridge Innovation Park to mark the official opening of their new office space; aptly named IncubyteSpace.

Incubyte, now 18 months old, is a co-working environment and business incubator for early-stage technology companies. IncubyteSpace which is approximately 60% full already, provides scale-ups, freelancers and small businesses with a flexible, private and dedicated office environment in which to work alongside, and network with like-minded businesses.

Delegates were shown the new meeting room facility onsite, informed about better working lifestyle facilities and future plans at Cambridge Innovation Park and exciting expansion plans for IncubyteSpace in Q1 2019 were exclusively revealed - watch this space!

If you'd like to arrange a tour of the Cambridge Innovation Park and IncubyteSpace, please email or visit the website for further information.

Upcoming events

Open House on the Road Connected Business

14 May 2019

Connection is more vital to business than ever. Leaders must be connected to ideas, technology, cultures and people to embrace an ever-changing world and stay ahead. This Institute of Directors event will help businesses to understand how opportunities have been created to make the workplace more productive and discover how connectedness will shape the future and help business grow.

Looking after your wellbeing - an event for Mental Health Awareness Week

14 May 2019

With competing demands that life presents, managing the various roles we play can become very challenging and overwhelming, and if you’re feeling the pressure, you’re not alone! During this interactive Rising Network event, share your experiences and insights in a sensitive discussion where the aim is to learn from each other and to walk away with tools and techniques to better look after yourself and those around you.

Confident Communication

15 May 2019

Aimed at anyone who needs to communicate/present with confidence, including technical people and introverts, this course is based around interaction and feedback. By the end of the session delegates will have the confidence to speak in their own character, the ability to write great content and techniques for engaging their audience.

Making Apprenticeships Work for your Organisation 

15 May 2019

This event will bring together apprenticeship providers and companies with established and successful apprenticeship programmes, all of which will draw from first-hand experience of working with apprentices. The speakers will be able to provide you insight at every level with proven success stories and a deep understanding of the opportunities created by apprenticeships.

The event forms a part of Cambridge Network’s ‘Shaping the Future of The World Of Work’ week which looks at engaging and attracting the next generation of talent in new and innovative ways.

#FSBConnect Cambourne

22 May 2019

Your opportunity to join #FSBConnect Networking and effectively develop and grow your business. Join fellow business owners and entrepreneurs over refreshments in a friendly, informal environment and hear from a guest speaker on a topic of interest to small businesses.

An Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT)

29 May 2019

An intensive full-day training on specifying and developing IoT deployments given by Nick Hunn. The CW course is intended to provide a broad understanding of how to develop an IoT project or strategy, highlighting the end-to-end process from collecting data to acquiring insight from it. It aims to provide attendees with a broad understanding of the project steps so that the can be confident in asking the right questions when they put their IoT plans in place.

Wo+Men's Leadership Conference 2019

8 June 2019

The theme for this year’s conference will be Building Balance, where there will be debate around the issue of gender diversity within organisations and how men and women can work together to better the world. Cath Kidston and Laurel Powers-Freeling will be keynote speakers.

Reactor Showcase 2019

20 June 2019

REACTOR would like to invite SMEs and start-up companies in the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough are that have great concepts to showcase them to sector representatives and users.


If you are interested to find out about other training, workshops and events, there are plenty of other opportunities in the Greater Cambridge area. These can be found on the following websites and in our Open For Business newsletter.

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