Neighbourhood Planning Toolkit

Following public consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Planning Toolkit, the Planning Portfolio Holder at his meeting on 11 December 2017 agreed:

  • to formally adopt the Neighbourhood Planning Toolkit (with the proposed amendments as set out in Appendix 2)
  • to formally adopt the Support Offer and Memorandum of Understanding (with the proposed amendments as set out in Appendix 3); and
  • that consultation will be undertaken on the two additional guidance documents (as set out in Appendix 4). If you would like to make comments on the 'Writing Planning Policies' and / or the 'Strategic Environmental Assessments' guidance documents, please send them to by 5 February 2018.

The finalised toolkit will be published in early 2018 (and replace the draft toolkit published below).

What are Neighbourhood Plans?

Neighbourhood plans are a community-led initiative giving local communities power to prepare a part of the development plan for their parish or group of parishes. As neighbourhood plans carry substantial weight in planning decision making, equivalent to the weight attached to a district wide Local Plan, there are certain steps that must be followed during their preparation. If you would like to find out more about neighbourhood plans please visit our website.

Draft Neighbourhood Planning Toolkit:

Draft guidance has been prepared to assist local communities and guide them through each stage. The guidance has been prepared as a suite of leaflets covering the key stages in the preparation of a neighbourhood plan. Public consultation on the draft guidance was undertaken in September - October 2017.


Deciding to Produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan:

Is a Neighbourhood Plan the Right Tool for your Parish

Getting Started

Support Offer

Memorandum of Understanding

Preparing the Plan:

Getting a Neighbourhood Area Designated

  • Applications to designate a Neighbourhood Area should be made using the Council's application form

Developing a Vision and Objectives

Generating Options

Writing Planning Policies (to follow)

Strategic Environment Assessments (SEA) (to follow)

Sources of Evidence and Information

Additional Guidance

Community Engagement and Neighbourhood Plans

What are the Basic Conditions and How to Meet Them

Strategic Polices

Site Assessments

Maps for Neighbourhood Plans

Affordable Housing

Contact Details