Neighbourhood planning toolkit

Our Neighbourhood planning toolkit has been designed to help local communities decide whether they want to get involved in creating a neighbourhood plan and if they do, how to go about preparing a neighbourhood plan.

Update (April 2018) - We are aware that some of the weblinks in the toolkit need to be updated as Locality has recently created a whole new website dedicated to neighbourhood planning. We will be updating our toolkit pages but in the meanwhile this new website can be found here.

Support Offer [adopted December 2017] – this sets out how SCDC will support Parish Councils preparing neighbourhood plans

Memorandum of Understanding [adopted December 2017] – this sets out how SCDC will work together with Parish Councils preparing neighbourhood plans

Neighbourhood planning toolkit

1. Introduction [adopted February 2018]

Deciding to produce a Neighbourhood Plan:

2. Is a neighbourhood plan the right tool for your Parish [adopted December 2017]

3. Getting started [adopted December 2017]

Preparing the Plan:

4. Getting a neighbourhood area designated [adopted December 2017]

Applications to designate a Neighbourhood Area should be made using the Council's application form.

5. Developing a vision and objectives [adopted December 2017]

6. Generating options [adopted December 2017]

7. Writing planning policies [adopted February 2018]

8. Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) [adopted February 2018]

9. Sources of evidence and information [adopted December 2017]

10. Community engagement and Neighbourhood Plans [adopted December 2017]

11. What are the basic conditions and how to meet them [adopted December 2017]

12. Strategic policies [adopted December 2017]

13. Site assessment [adopted December 2017]

14. Maps for Neighbourhood Plans [adopted December 2017]

15. Affordable housing [adopted December 2017]

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