Council sends Christmas cheer to local hospital

13 December 2017

For the twelfth year in a row, staff at South Cambridgeshire District Council are donating Christmas gifts to patients at Fulbourn Hospital.

They’ll be received by 40 long-term patients at Fulbourn, who will be spending the festive period in hospital.

Volunteers from Friends of Fulbourn Hospital and the Community have visited the Council’s Cambourne HQ to pick up the gifts, and will personally deliver them to patients, some of whom won’t have any visitors during Christmas.

This means they are still able to open their own Christmas present.

The scheme is made possible by the generosity of South Cambridgeshire District Council staff. Every year, with many employees buying an extra gift to donate in this way.

Fulbourn Hospital treats people with dementia and other psychiatric conditions that make it difficult for them to be nursed on open wards.

Cllr David McCraith, South Cambridgeshire District Council’s Chairman, said: “A big thank you to all of our staff who are helping to spread a bit of Christmas cheer.

“Every year we’re moved by how willing our employees are to take part in this scheme.

“The gifts they’ve provided will help to bring some comfort at this special time of year.

“On behalf of the Council, I’d like to pass on our best wishes to all of the staff and patients at Fulbourn Hospital.”

After collecting the gifts, Clive Brown from the Friends of Fulbourn and the Community said: “The Christmas gifts from South Cambridgeshire District Council are now a welcome fixture at Fulbourn Hospital.

“They are given to patients who are in three of the wards over Christmas; George Mackenzie, Willow and Denbigh.

“Our gratitude goes to Councillors and staff who, in this way, help to bring cheer and comfort to those suffering from mental illness.

“Knowing that someone cares is a significant help along the road to recovery.”