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The UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow from 31 October to 12 November 2021.

In line with the international conference, we are running a small programme of events and awareness-raising initiatives to focus on what can be done at a local and individual level to tackle the climate emergency. 

More information will be added to this page in the run-up to and during COP26. 

Q&A with our climate leaders

On 22 October we will be recording a Q&A with the Council's climate leaders - Councillor Pippa Heylings, Chair of the Council's Climate and Environment Advisory Committee, and Bode Esan, our Head of Climate, Environment & Waste. The Q&A will be shared during the COP26 fortnight on this page and on our social media channels. 

We are inviting residents (including school children, but everyone is welcome!) and colleagues to put forward your burning questions about the climate emergency. For instance:

  • What impacts of climate change are we likely to see locally?
  • What changes can I make to have the biggest impact?
  • How difficult or costly is it for me to switch from a gas boiler to a heat pump?
  • Should I be thinking about installing a charging point for an electric car?
  • Why is food waste a problem - shouldn't it just decompose like everything else in nature? 

Ask your question here before the 20 October deadline. 

Zero Carbon Communities green connect

COP26 and why it matters to South Cambridgeshire

Our Zero Carbon Communities team is launching a new series of monthly networking events - Zero Carbon Communities green connect - to bring South Cambridgeshire's residents and community groups together to discuss a different theme each month.

Save the date: the first (virtual) event will take place from 7pm to 8.30pm on Tuesday 9 November

To tie in with COP26, the theme of this first even is COP26 and why it matters to South Cambridgeshire, and will kick off with a talk by Cllr Pippa Heylings, followed by Q&A and discussion, before attendees will split into small break-out rooms to share inspiration, challenges and ideas.

Information on how to join the event will be available closer to the time. 

What's your green pledge?

In the run up to COP26, we’re asking colleagues and residents to 'go one step greener' and think about how you can make a difference to limit global warming.

Picture of the globe with words 'My green pledge is'Make your action count and inspire others to do their bit by sharing what you are doing using #TogetherForOurPlanet and #OneStepGreener on social media. You could also join others through the Count Us In campaign. 

Example pledges:

  • 'I pledge to use my bike instead of my car when I go into town'
  • 'I pledge to turn the thermostat down one degree (keeping your thermostat at 18°C minimum is advised)'
  • 'I pledge to separate my food waste to put in the green bin'

If we all work together, we can do this. 

Please get involved. Comment on our posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or email your pledge


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