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News release from: 13/03/2023

Mother’s Day inspiration for family days out with breastfeeding-friendly venues

Mother’s Day inspiration for family days out with breastfeeding-friendly venues

Mother’s Day family days out couldn’t be easier this year thanks to venues across South Cambridgeshire pledging to become breastfeeding and pump-friendly.

A successful campaign by the District Council called #FreeToFeedCP has seen more than 40 venues sign up, who are all displaying stickers and posters to show they are supportive of families who breastfeed and pump.

Pubs, cafes, restaurants, Shepreth Wildlife Park, Govia Thameslink railway, community centres, libraries and GP surgeries are among settings that have taken the #FreeToFeedCP pledge since the campaign launched last summer.

Free To Feed logoFree To Feed logoFor families who appreciate being in a supportive breastfeeding environment, it could mean the difference between enjoying a day out or staying home because they feel too self-conscious.

#FreeToFeedCP is a pioneering project by South Cambridgeshire District Council with the NHS Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Infant Feeding Team (Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Healthy Child Programme) and ‘Start for Life’ partnership to support venues across the district to become more welcoming to families who breastfeed and/or pump in public.

Cllr Bridget Smith, Leader of South Cambridgeshire District Council, said: “We are delighted that so many venues in our lovely district have signed up to the #FreeToFeedCP campaign. It should not be daunting to breastfeed or pump in bars, cafes, restaurants and other venues while out with children. We hope families can take advantage of the many places which are now signed up to #FreeToFeedCP to enjoy a Mother’s Day out with tall of heir youngsters –it would also be great to see even more venues get on board with this wonderful initiative.”

Nina Morley, of NHS Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Infant Feeding Team (Healthy Child Programme), said:

“Feeding in public can be daunting for some, so having venues that people can go to knowing that they will cater for breastfeeding or pumping mother's is very important. #FreeToFeedCP is such an exciting initiative, and we hope that this will help families go out and enjoy mother’s day all together.”

Helen Freeman, Public Health, said: #FreeToFeedCP is a fantastic initiative, that we are excited to see grow in the South Cambridgeshire community. This trailblazing campaign is a great way to support local families and we hope it is inspiring and giving confidence for them to go out and about to enjoy quality time – which is good for the wellbeing of the whole family.”

The #FreeToFeedCP campaign is designed to raise the confidence of families and increase understanding among the public, businesses and community venues. Breastfeeding friendly venues often report a real improvement in customer service and can have the added benefit of attracting a new client base.

  • To take the pledge and become breastfeeding friendly, venues must adopt the “breastfeeding welcome” policy, and ensure staff are aware of how to implement it.
  • For more information and how to get involved, visit the South Cambridgeshire District Council #FreeToFeedCP page on their website or the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Healthy Child Programme website.
  • To find out more about taking the pledge to become a breastfeeding / pump friendly venue email: