Safer Transport: COVID-19 training

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented event in modern times.  The global impact of the virus is beyond doubt, but it is worth remembering that viruses cannot travel great distances, they rely on a host to spread.

It is possible to keep ourselves safe by following the simple guidelines set down by the government of ‘Hands, Face, Space’ - keep your hands clean, wear a face covering, and maintain a social distance from others not in your household or bubble at all times.

It is, however, acknowledged that there are roles where following all of these steps is not possible all of the time, such as driving a taxi, or travelling in a taxi. For this reason, we have worked with our neighbouring district and city councils in Cambridgeshire, as well as Cambridgeshire County Council Public Health to launch a ‘COVID Trained’ safety scheme, where drivers can learn more about keeping both themselves and their passengers safe.

Once the training has been completed, those drivers who hold vehicle licences will be able to claim the full cost, or up to £100 (whichever is the lower amount) towards the cost of an approved COVID-19 screen for their vehicle, subject to complying with the offer's terms and conditions set out below.

Information for passengers

Part of the online training involves you viewing a short video which shows the recommended steps a driver should take in order to promote safer travel whilst the COVID‐19 risk remains present. Please ensure you view this video.

Take the "Safer Transport: COVID" training

To undertake the training and get access to funding towards an approved screen, please visit East Cambridgeshire District Council’s website who are hosting the online training for all of the schemes participating in Cambridgeshire.

Taxi Screen Concession Scheme

Screen specification - standard required for all screens fitted in licensed vehicles and the minimum required to obtain funding assistance.

  1. Screens should be constructed of PETg or polycarbonate and must be shatterproof.
  2. Screens must be professionally and securely fitted and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and recommendations.
  3. The device installed should not be significantly changed or modified from the original manufactured design. In cases where it is necessary to modify the original design of the device (for example, to facilitate installation of the device in the vehicle), assurances should be sought from the supplier/ installer that the modification does not raise any concerns in relation to safety of the device and complies with the relevant UK and/ or EC safety legislation.
  4. Devices should remain clear and be free of scratches, clouding or
    stickers which would impede the drivers or passengers' visibility.
  5. Screens should not impede the driver's movement or communication with passengers.
  6. Screens should not impede driver or passenger entry or egress to the vehicle or present a trip hazard.
  7. The installation and/ or design of the device must not adversely influence or interfere in any way with vehicle type approval or any driver and passenger safety systems (including airbags), and must comply with construction and use regulations.

Terms and conditions

  1. Claimants must have undertaken the COVID-19 Secure Training, and ensure that in the case of shared vehicles, all drivers using the vehicle have also undertaken the training.
  2. The claim must be submitted by the vehicle licence holder licensed by the participating authority, and it must be submitted from the registered email address held by the authority.
  3. A valid receipt issued by the manufacturer or fitter must accompany the grant application.
  4. A photo of the vehicle from the front showing the registration plate and screen, and a further photo showing the screen fitted taken whilst standing at the passenger wheel must accompany the grant application.
  5. The partition screen must comply with the adopted specification and requirements above.
  6. Each licensed vehicle is entitled to one grant payment subject to these terms and conditions.
  7. The vehicle must be licensed by a participating authority when the partition screen is installed, or have been licensed by a participating authority when the partition screen was installed and still remains licensed by a participating authority.
  8. The participating authority reserves the right to make further enquiries relating to any claim submitted and refuse payment where one or more of these terms and conditions are not adhered to.
  9. A "COVID Trained" sticker must be displayed in a prominent position in the vehicle. This will be provided.
  10. The driver must follow the advice given in the training at all times.
  11. Grant payments are available for the total cost of the screen up to a maximum of £100 per screen, whilst the fund remains available.
  12. Grant payments could take up to 28 days to be paid.
  13. The installation of any screen is at driver's own risk. The Council can accept no liability for any issues or injuries that arise as a result of the installation.

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