Caravan site (Mobile Homes Act 2013)

When and only when a caravan site has planning permission is a licence required

Licences are required for the operation of Camp Sites, Holiday Caravan Sites, Residential Caravan Sites and Touring Caravan Sites and are put in place to ensure that the site conforms to guidance on for example fire safety, fitness of units, spacing of units and number of caravans.

How long does the licence last?

Providing the site has planning permission the licence does not normally need to be renewed.


  • Licence fee application (0-2 units) - £134.00
  • Licence fee application (3-9 units) - £267.00
  • Licence fee application (10 units or more) - £400.00
  • Annual fee (0-2 units) - £98.00
  • Annual fee (3-9 units) - £252.00
  • Annual fee (10 units or more) - £364.00
  • Licence variation fee - £88.00
  • Transfer application fee - £88.00
  • Miscellaneous changes to existing licence details - £88.00

For further information, please refer to the Caravan Site Licensing Fee Policy. [PDF, 60Kb] This policy sets out the fee structure for the processing of applications for the issue, variation and transfer of caravan site licences and annual fees for administration and monitoring of site licences, together with any fee associated with the holding of a register of site rules.

New legislation implemented as from 1 April 2013

Application forms

Please contact who will send an application pack.

What happens next

After carefully reading the guidance notes, completing and returning your application form the Licensing department will consider the conditions and will post a notice advising of these at the Caravan site.

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