Do I need a licence?

Licence Types

Find out if your business needs a licence within South Cambs and how you can apply for one.

You can check the Public Licences Register to find out if a business or an individual already has a licence.

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Activity type Licence required Details
Acupuncture, ear piercing, body piecing, electrolysis and tattooing Yes

Read more on skin piercing registration

Alcohol, late night or entertainments Yes Read more on alcohol and entertainment licences.
Animal boarding establishment for dogs or cats, breeding of dogs, pet shops, horse riding establishment, dangerous animals or a zoo. Yes

Read more on animal activity licences

Caravan site Yes

Read more on caravan site (mobile homes act 2013)

Gambling or lotteries Yes

Read more on gambling and lottery licences

Hairdresser No The Deregulation and Contracting Out Act 1994 has eliminated the need for hairdressers to be registered.
House to house collections Yes

Read more on street and house collections licences

Markets and market stalls No We do not currently manage any markets within its district.
Massage and special treatments No

We do not license this activity.

Please note that in some areas, a licence is required for any premises in which the following treatments are carried out:

  • aromatherapy
  • EVR (sunbed)
  • steam
  • sauna
  • manicure
  • pedicure
  • shiatsu
  • reflexology
  • colour therapy
  • GS, and
  • hydrotherapy (except where the premises is under the control of a medical practitioner).
Public Auctions No We do not license premises for public auctions.
Scrap metal and motor salvage Yes

Read more on scrap metal dealer licences

Second-hand goods No We do not license premises for public auctions.
Sex establishment Yes

Read more on sex establishment

Street cafes No Under the Highways Act 1980 permission is required from the local authority to place furniture on pavements. Other legislation may apply depending on the premises. We do not currently licence premises that place seats or tables on the public highway, however persons wishing to sell food or drink from a public highway may require a street trader consent licence.
Street collections Yes

Read more on street and house collections licences

Street trading Yes

Read more on street trading licences

Taxi or private hire Yes

Read more on taxi licences

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