This information was last checked on 14 January 2021.

We are currently processing and issuing full new and renewal Private Hire and Hackney Vehicle Licences. 

You will not be able to submit the application and paperwork to our office as the reception is currently closed to customers. We require you to fill out our online form and attach the relevant documentation outlined below.

Applicants are strongly advised to read the Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Policy [PDF, 1.5MB] and Handbook [PDF, 1.5MB] before starting the application process. 

Please note that applications will take longer to process at present. It is recommended that you submit your online application in plenty of time.  You will not be able to drive without a current licence.

Application Form

All applications must be submitted online.

Apply for a Taxi Vehicle Licence

Certificate of Compliance  

The vehicle must have a Certificate of Compliance that is no older than 1 month at the date of application.

MOT Certificate

The vehicle must have a MOT certificate from when the vehicle is older than one year from date of registration.  The certificate must be no older that 1 months at the date of application.

Vehicle Registration Document – V5

A full copy of the V5 must be submitted at time of the online application.

If the vehicle has recently been purchased and the V5 is not available, the new keepers slip, and a bill of sale must be provided.

Insurance Certificate

Applications for a vehicle licence will require proof of valid insurance which covers the vehicle and driver for hackney carriage or private hire reward purposes.

The vehicle proprietor and the driver must ensure that valid insurance is always maintained.

An electronic version of the certificate must be provided by the Insurance company.  This must be emailed to

Original Basic DBS Certificate (Non-Driver applicants only)

Please note that if you are not currently a licensed driver with us, you will be required to present a Basic Disclosure Certificate for your role as Proprietor.

This must be dated no more than 1 month prior to your application appointment. You can obtain a Basic Disclosure with the DBS direct online. The DBS check will last for 1 year, and a new basic disclosure will be required as part of the vehicle licence renewal process.

All documents are mandatory and any missing paperwork will cause a delay in processing your application.

Issuing the Licence and Plate

If the information provided meets all requirements necessary, a licence will be issued together with an identification plate. 

You will receive notification that you licence is ready by email and be emailed a payment link for the appropriate fee to be made.

The licence and plate will be sent to your home address.


We realise that during these challenging times it is difficult to obtain all required documents at the time of application.

We are here to provide help and support and will look at each application on its own merits. If you are having any difficulties, you must let us know as soon as possible by email at

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