Temporary protective screens

Installing temporary protective screens in taxis

We are working with licensed drivers and operators to enable them to work and transport passengers as safely as possible throughout the coronavirus outbreak.

You must tell us if you are installing a protective screen

If you wish to fit a temporary protective screen in your vehicle, you must first:

  1. Get confirmation from your insurance company that your insurance is still valid if you fit a protective screen.
  2. Tell us that you are planning to fit a protective screen by emailing taxis@scambs.gov.uk and include your agreement to remove the protective screen in less than 21 days after the current social distancing restrictions relating to COVID-19 have been removed.

Installing your temporary protective screen - what you must do

While you are allowed to install a temporary protective screen in your car (in-between the rear passenger compartment and the driver) you must ensure that the protective screen:

  • must not be permanently installed in the vehicle
  • must not have a solid frame to the screen
  • must only be fitted with either Velcro or adhesive fastenings (which can be removed from the vehicle when the screens are no longer allowed)
  • must be fitted in such a way so as not to affect the structural integrity of the vehicle, or interfere with any manufacturer fitted safety equipment. For example, air bags
  • must not wrap around the driver seat and create a partition between the two front seats, in addition to the rear cabin area.

The film / sheet used must be clear and transparent and can only be fitted behind both front seats, creating a partition between the front and back area of the vehicle.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions by emailing taxis@scambs.gov.uk.

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