Local land charges and searches

Local land charges and searches

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has published guidance on how to buy a home and how to sell a home.

A Local Land Charge is a restriction or prohibition imposed on land or property or a financial charge, which is binding on successive owners or occupiers of land or property.

Land Charges

We have a statutory duty under the Local Land Charges Act 1975 to maintain an up-to-date and accurate Register of Local Land Charges affecting property and land in South Cambridgeshire. 

A Local Land Charge is a restriction or prohibition imposed on land or property or a financial charge, which is binding on successive owners or occupiers of land or property.

These include restrictions such as:

  • Tree Preservation Orders
  • Conservation Areas
  • listed buildings
  • legal agreements
  • conditions imposed on Planning Permissions.

Details of any charges that are registered to land and property are listed in the District Council's Local Land Charges Register.

A Local Land Charge Search is necessary when a piece (parcel) of land or property is being purchased, leased or valued.
This is to check if there is a land charge on the land or property or a financial charge, which is binding on successive owners or occupiers of the land or property.

The search is made up of two parts, the;

  • LLC1, and
  • CON29

LLC1 form

The LLC1 form, the official requisition of search of the Local Land Charges Register, discloses the registered entries affecting the land or property.

CON29R form

The CON29R form, enquiries of local authorities, asks a number of set questions such as highway adoption, road schemes, planning designations, planning permissions and building regulations. 

A fee is charged for providing a Local Search. Search requisitions are made on 2 standard forms, the LLC1 and the CON29R. In addition, the CON29O may also be submitted. This is our schedule of fees.

It is also possible to ask an additional enquiry of your own for which an additional fee is payable.

Please note: Information provided on a search relates only to the property or land identified on the search requisition. No information is provided regarding surrounding land or property unless this is specifically requested.

Search fees

Our standard land charges search fees are as follows:

Residential search fees

  • Full residential search (LLC1 and CON29R): £130.00 (£151 including VAT)
  • LLC1 Search only: £25 (VAT exempt)
  • CON29R Official Search: £105.00 (£126 including VAT)

Commercial/land search fees

  • Full commercial search (LLC1 and CON29R) £179.17 (£210 including VAT)
  • CON29R Official Search: £154.17 (£185.00 including VAT)

For our complete list of land charges fees, view our current Fees Schedule.

Local Land Charges include VAT.

CON29R and CON29O products will be subject to VAT at the standard rate of 20%. 

The statutory LLC1 Official Certificate of Search is unaffected by this charge and remains VAT exempt.

Search applications must include the following in order to be accepted for processing:

  • A correct and clear address to be searched against
  • The correct fee
  • 2 copies of the LLC1 form
  • 2 copies of the CON29R form

Two copies of an up to date site or property location plan (relevant parcel of land or property that you require information on must be edged in red) 

Please email your completed LLC1 and Con29 forms to land.charges@greatercambridgeplanning.org or send to:

Land Charges
South Cambridgeshire District Council
South Cambridgeshire Hall
Cambourne Business Park 
CB23 6EA

Payments can be made by debit or credit card. 

One of our team will get in touch to take your payment once the application has been processed.


We do not provide copies of the LLC1 or CON29 forms.

They are available for purchase from OYEZ and The Law Society as paper or on-line versions.

Land ownership details and copies of ordnance survey extracts can be obtained by contacting the Land Registry.

Individual CON29O highways search or Highway Boundary Enquiry can be self-served by going directly to Cambridgeshire County Council webpage.

As the statutory sewerage undertaker, Anglian Water Services Limited holds the sewer maps as a statutory register.

You can process an online request using the Anglian Water Geodesys website.

Planning decisions are available online free of charge.

  • For copies of Building Regulation Approvals, contact Building Control.
  • For copy documents required as a result of a Personal Search, full details of the register entry are required.
  • For copy planning decisions the planning decision number and the decision date is required.


The Local Land Charges Office aims to provide a prompt and efficient service.

Response Times

Current turnaround time is an average of 15 working days from receipt but will depend upon the complexity of the search.

The volume of searches is outside our control and influenced by a number of factors, including interest rates, the buoyancy of the local housing market and the local economy. 

What we do

  • Carry out official Local Land Searches linked to property purchases

We will:

  • Maintain an accurate Land Charges Register
  • log your request on the day we receive it
  • carry out enquiries for you with other agencies and council departments
  • complete your request and return it to you as soon as possible
  • respond to all letters and e-mails within 10 working days

If we get it wrong we will:

  • Apologise if we have made a mistake or failed to meet our standards
  • acknowledge your written complaint within three working days
  • reply in full to your complaint within 10 working days

Your views

Your suggestions, complaints, comments and compliments are important to us, because we can learn from them and they will help us to improve the Local Land Charges Service we provide to you. 

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