News release from 20/01/2022

January 2022 Planning Committee

A part built house, with no roof, surrounded by scaffolding

The following planning application decisions were made at the hybrid meeting of South Cambridgeshire District Council’s Planning Committee, on Wednesday 19 January 2022, virtually and at South Cambridgeshire Hall.

  1. Variation to conditions relating to a footway/cycleway, access/public rights of way and a water drainage scheme attached to original outline planning permission for a development of up to 140 homes on land east of Highfields Road, Highfields, Caldecote. Applicant: Linden (Highfields Caldecote) LL. Decision: Deferred.
  2. Details relating to layout, scale, appearance and landscaping for a scheme for 203 homes on land at Ida Darwin Hospital, Fulbourn Old Drift, Fulbourn, which has already received outline planning permission. Applicant: Morris Homes. Decision: Approved.
  3. A single self-build home on land northwest of 7 Primrose Walk, Little Gransden. Applicant: South Cambridgeshire District Council. Decision: Refused.
  4. Change of use of public house The Jolly Millers, 73 High Street, Cottenham, to dwelling, demolition of existing annex/outbuildings and erection of detached home with amenity space, bin storage and parking. Applicant: Mr Gary Jackson. Decision: Refused.
  5. A single self-build two-storey, 3-bed home with associated parking and amenity space on land adjacent to 35 Balsham Road, Linton. Applicant: South Cambridgeshire District Council. Decision: Refused.
  6. Loft conversion at 19 Foxton Road, Barrington. Applicant: Mr Daniel Ostheimer. Decision: Approved.
  7. Tree Preservation Order on woodland beside Bourn Brooke, south west of Westfield Farm, Comberton. Applicant: South Cambridgeshire District Council. Decision: Approved.

The above decisions are subject to decision notices being finalised and issued. More information about the applications considered by the Planning Committee, along with any other items discussed and a link to watch a recording of the meeting, can be found within the meeting agenda.