News release from 20/01/2022

January 2022 Planning Committee

A part built house, with no roof, surrounded by scaffolding

The following planning application decisions were made at the meeting of South Cambridgeshire District Council’s Planning Committee, held as a hybrid meeting on Wednesday 19 January 2022 at South Cambridgeshire Hall. Holding it in this way enabled the meeting to be COVID-19 safe within the room, whilst allowing officers and public speakers to participate virtually.

  1. Variation to conditions relating to a footway/cycleway, access/public rights of way and a water drainage scheme attached to original outline planning permission for a development of up to 140 homes on land east of Highfields Road, Highfields, Caldecote. Applicant: Linden (Highfields Caldecote) LL. Decision: Deferred.
  2. Details relating to layout, scale, appearance and landscaping for a scheme for 203 homes on land at Ida Darwin Hospital, Fulbourn Old Drift, Fulbourn, which has already received outline planning permission. Applicant: Morris Homes. Decision: Approved.
  3. A single self-build home on land northwest of 7 Primrose Walk, Little Gransden. Applicant: South Cambridgeshire District Council. Decision: Refused.
  4. Change of use of public house The Jolly Millers, 73 High Street, Cottenham, to dwelling, demolition of existing annex/outbuildings and erection of detached home with amenity space, bin storage and parking. Applicant: Mr Gary Jackson. Decision: Refused.
  5. A single self-build two-storey, 3-bed home with associated parking and amenity space on land adjacent to 35 Balsham Road, Linton. Applicant: South Cambridgeshire District Council. Decision: Refused.
  6. Loft conversion at 19 Foxton Road, Barrington. Applicant: Mr Daniel Ostheimer. Decision: Approved.
  7. Tree Preservation Order on woodland beside Bourn Brooke, south west of Westfield Farm, Comberton. Applicant: South Cambridgeshire District Council. Decision: Approved.

The above decisions are subject to decision notices being finalised and issued. More information about the applications considered by the Planning Committee, along with any other items discussed and a link to watch a recording of the meeting, can be found within the meeting agenda.