Community Lifeline Service

Help is available at the touch of a button with the Community Lifeline Service. The Community Lifeline Service provides a pendant alarm in your home, which when pressed contacts a response centre so that help can be raised.

Help is available at the press of a button, whenever you need it, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You can apply online for the Community lifeline service by completing our online application form.

Benefits of the Community Lifeline Service

  • Help available in your home, at the touch of a button
  • Trained operators to assess your situation
  • Arrange for next of kin or emergency services
  • Valuable source of help available 24/7
  • Peace of mind for you and your family

The response centre operators are trained to assess your situation and can arrange for a key holder contact to call, next of kin or the emergency services.

The service gives you and your family peace of mind, that you're safe in your home and knowing that help is available.

A community lifeline is a valuable source of help for people of any age, whether you have a disability, are an older person enabling you to stay in your own home, people living alone or anyone who has a special need.

A Community Lifeline is for anyone living in South Cambridgeshire.

How to apply for the Community Lifeline Service?

You can apply online for the Community Lifeline Service, just complete our online application form.

Alternatively, download and complete the application form and email it to us.

For further information on the Community Lifeline Service, call us on 01954 713 470 or 01954 713 370 or email

Installing the alarm

  • A Community Lifeline can easily be connected to a telephone socket and a nearby electric socket.  
  • Installation can be arranged within a few days of us receiving your application.


  • The cost of installation is currently £30.  
  • There is also a quarterly charge for the hire and monitoring of equipment.
  • The current charges are:
    • £58.11 per quarter (13 weeks), or
    • £4.47 per week (without VAT). 
  • Tenants of South Cambridgeshire District Council are charged weekly.
  • Additional pendants, or replacement of lost pendants, are charged at £50.

Key Safes

  • If you do not have a key holder who lives within a reasonable distance from your home, you may be required to have a key safe fitted at your property.
  • You can arrange to fit your own key safe.
  • A key safe is a small, wall-mounted, key-storage system that can hold a key.  It has a combination lock which can be set with your own chosen code.  
  • This will allow any person responding in an emergency situation to gain access.

How to pay for the Community Lifeline Service?

You will receive an invoice when your bill is due. 

Please pay your Community Lifeline Service invoice online on our Pay For It page.

You can also pay for your invoice over the phone. Please call 03450 450 500 and one of our contact advisors will guide you through the process.

Additional Support

We can refer you to the Assistive Technology Team if you require any additional assistive equipment, including fall detectors, sensor monitors etc. at no extra charge.

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