Housing policies consultation 2021

Housing policies consultation 2021

Consultation on new housing policies relating to Build to Rent, Clustering and Distribution of Affordable Housing and Affordable Rent Setting.

What is this consultation about?

One of the aims of our Greater Cambridge Housing Strategy is to demonstrate what we expect new housing developments across Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire to look like.

To build on this further, we and Cambridge City Council are consulting jointly on more detailed policies around:

We are seeking the views of:

  • Housing developers, investors, and registered providers with an interest in these issues locally
  • Council tenants, leaseholders and housing register applicants
  • Other people living or working in Greater Cambridge
  • Local employers
  • Public sector organisations operating in the area
  • Landlords
  • Parish Councils
  • Resident associations and tenant associations
  • Voluntary sector organisations
  • Other partners who work with, or have an interest in working with the two councils

How can I take part?

The consultation will run for 7 weeks, from Tuesday 9 February until 11.59pm, Tuesday 23 March 2021 . If you would like to comment on the draft policies, please complete our survey.

Paper copies of the survey are also available on request.

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