Self Build

Self Build

Self build your dream home

The idea and vision of self build is appealing to many, the chance to build your own home - built to your needs in an ideal location.

The foundations of your new home can start here. 

Registering your interest with us, helps us to identify the number and location of plots of land required. 

Register your interest for your own self build today.

About self build

Example drawing of a self build site layoutExample drawing of self build site layout

We successfully bid for and won Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government funding to become a Right to Build Vanguard Authority in 2015. 

Since then we've created a self build and custom build function which aims to support people to design and build their own homes. 

Self build can potentially be lower in cost than buying an existing property and open up the opportunity to people with modest budgets, as well as those with grand plans.

The Government wants to increase self build as a means of accessing housing and we are one of 11 Right to Build Vanguard Authorities in the country.

As a chosen Right to Build Vanguard we have to maintain a register of people interested in constructing their own home.

Register your interest for your own self build today

If you would like to know more about the Right to Build project or have any queries about the registration, please email us. 

We hold an active register of people interested in custom, self build properties within South Cambridgeshire, so we can identify the number and location of plots of land required. 

If you wish to apply for the register, please complete the online form. 

Custom build housing can happen in a number of ways, from building a single house to larger developments.

Self Build Individual plot
An individual purchases a plot of land and builds a house. 
They can manage the construction process and build the house themselves or they can employ a builder, architect and project manager etc. who manage the build.

Collective custom build
Groups constitute themselves as a body to design and develop a custom build housing development which they then live in. 

They may build this themselves or with help from a developer to manage the project.

Community-led housing projects, who build mostly affordable homes in the community, will help a group of people to build homes together, either individually or in cooperation with a builder or housing provider.

Developer led build
Developers with large sites divide them it into single plots and offer a design and build service.  This gives people a chance to customise existing house designs to suit their needs and can sometimes offer a chance to finish the house yourself internally.

A Co-housing project involves a constituted group of people creating their own neighbourhood of homes, with shared facilities such as a communal house.  

A community ethos is at the heart of this type of housing.


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