Gypsy and Traveller illegal encampment advice

Landowners are responsible for protecting their land.

If an unauthorised encampment occurs then only the landowner has the legal authority to deal with any problems associated with it.

If your land is secure then the likelihood of an unauthorised encampment occurring on it is reduced.

Businesses and landowners should balance the cost of securing their property with the costs associated with:

  • legal action if trespass occurs
  • the use of Enforcement Agents (known as bailiffs)
  • damage to the land
  • removal of waste left behind
  • loss of business due to obstruction
  • Not being able to use the land during an encampment
  • health and safety concerns
  • the effects on neighbouring businesses and residents

These costs could be substantial for each encampment.

Measures to prevent an unauthorised encampment could include:

  • substantial steel gate with anti-tamper padlock
  • substantial height barrier to restrict caravans
  • width restriction
  • high security retractable bollards or concrete blocks
  • the use of fencing, ditching and bunding (earth mounds)

Please contact our planning department if you want to consider any of these options as planning permission may be needed.

We also provide step by step options for landowners in the event of an illegal encampment on your land.

You can find out who else has the power to move on illegal encampments.

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