Armed Forces and Veterans advice and information

The information below is for British Armed Forces Veterans who are seeking housing advice from us. It contains information on support that is available to you, and ideas for finding somewhere to live.

Veteran's Housing Advice

Veteran's Housing Advice is a national telephone helpline, which is open 7 days a week, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The service aims to make it easier for forces veterans to access the services of specialist organisations. They can help you with:

  • Finding temporary accommodation with support;
  • Finding settled accommodation, with or without support;
  • Targeted help if you are unable to buy or rent property on the open market;
  • ‘Floating support’ – to help you keep settled accommodation that you might otherwise be at risk of losing.

Getting on the housing register (Home-Link)

Affordable housing is in very short supply in Cambridgeshire. However, you are to apply to the Home-Link scheme from anyone who is eligible, and who can demonstrate a local connection. We will consider you have a connection if you are a serving member of the Armed Forces, or have been discharged from the Forces within the last 5 years. You will also qualify if you are a bereaved spouse leaving services Family Accommodation, or are a former or serving member of the reserve Forces who needs to move because of injury or illness sustained as a result of service.

We provide additional priority for you, if you can prove your Armed or Reserve Forces service history, or if you are a bereaved partner of a member of the Armed Forces, who is leaving Services Family Accommodation.

We give additional priority by backdating your ‘date in band’ by the total cumulative period of your (or your partner’s) length of military service. This will have the effect of raising your priority above applicants in similar circumstances, who have not undertaken military service.

If you are still serving, and can provide evidence of when your military service will end, you can ask for this priority to be added to your application, up to six months prior to your end date.

The details are contained within section 2.4 of the Council’s Lettings Policy.

Project Nova

Project Nova specifically provides support to those ex-service personnel who have an offending history, or who are at risk of offending, perhaps because of alcohol or drugs, or difficulty in finding work and adjusting to civilian life. Project Nova works in the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire areas. Call them on 0800 917 7299 or email

Threatened with homelessness?

If you think you will be made homeless in the next 56 days, and you cannot find your own alternative accommodation, you can approach any local authority in England, and ask for assistance. Provided you are eligible, the council will assess your needs, and draw up a plan to help you resolve your housing problem.

This plan will include the steps that you and the council will take to find a solution. This might involve, for example, negotiating with your landlord, securing debt advice, providing interest-free loans, maximising benefits, or getting help with training or work. 

Already homeless?

If we are satisfied that you are eligible, and do not have accommodation anywhere that you have a right to occupy, and can gain access to, we will try to help you resolve your homelessness. If we have reason to believe you are in a priority need group, we will provide you with temporary accommodation, while we try to help you find a more permanent solution. When assessing if you are in priority need, we will consider whether you are vulnerable, and will take into account your experiences in the forces and the effect they have had on you.

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