Tenant working groups

Tenant Working Groups

Working together we can deliver the housing service that tenants and leaseholders expect. Tenant and leaseholder volunteers help us make housing service decisions, priorities, policy and process making sure they are tenant friendly and fair to everyone. They review performance, value for money and customer satisfaction in all areas of the housing service. 

We have introduced a new framework that comes into effect in April 2021. This new framework provides tenants and leaseholders more opportunities to influence decisions that impact on tenants. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please email resident.involvement@scambs.gov.uk.


New Housing Engagement Board

We are setting up a new Housing Engagement Board made up of 10 people.

  • Six elected tenant representatives (one will be a leaseholder)
  • Three District Councillors
  • Head of Housing, Peter Campbell

Tenant Elections have taken place. Find out more about the board and your tenant representatives.


Housing Performance Panel (HPP)

The membership of the HPP includes: six tenants/leaseholders, two councillors, one being the Lead Member for Housing Councillor Hazel Smith and the Head of Housing, Peter Campbell. 

Together the members of the HPP work to improve housing services for all our tenants by reviewing, assessing, and challenging our performance as well as our contractors performance. They review how well we deliver considering: team reviewing papers

  • Tenants’ experience of the service
  • Landlord performance 
  • Contractor performance
  • Cost of the service, does it offer value for money
  • Identifying areas for improvement

The HPP meets quarterly via zoom due to COVID. 


Estate Inspections

Estate Inspections help keep your neighbourhood safe and tidy. Your housing and estate officers do informal estate inspections throughout the year. They look to see if there are any issues, report them and arrange work to be carried out. 

Housing and estate officers together with trained volunteers also carry out formal estate inspections. Together they look at a range of issues including landscape, pathways, communal areas in buildings, fly-tipping, and signs of infestations. 

Formal estate inspections are carried out from March-October. We also ask tenants to give us comments about their estate. You can find updates about estate inspection on this page as well as our Facebook page.

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