Resident Involvement Strategy Consultation

Resident Involvement Strategy Consultation

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Making the housing service more responsive to tenants.

  • We want to ensure that you, our tenants and leaseholders, have a voice in your housing service.
  • We want to share information and get feedback from you in a way that suits you.
  • We are providing a range of opportunities for tenants and leaseholders to be involved in your housing service.

The Resident Involvement Strategy sets out how we will do this. It applies to everyone in South Cambridgeshire who lives in a council home, including tenants, sheltered housing tenants, and leaseholders.

The Strategy looks to introduce a new Housing Engagement Board comprising of tenants, councillors, and the Head of Housing to oversee and scrutinise the performance of your housing service.

As well as a new Housing Engagement Board, we are proposing to hold local quarterly meetings in three areas of the district, for any tenant or leaseholder to attend. We are also adding digital communications so that information is shared regularly with you.

Tenant consultation closes at 1pm on Sunday 30 August 2020.

Overview of Resident Involvement Strategy (tenant leaflet)
Draft Resident Involvement Strategy

New ways of working with Tenants

Tenants deserve to have timely information about their housing service. They should be able to influence and help improve it.

We have been working with a group of tenants to make changes that will give tenants a voice in their housing service. Together we have developed a new framework – a new way of working. It will replace the existing Tenant Participation Group, Sheltered Housing forums, and Leaseholder forums. 

Housing Engagement Board

We are setting up a new Housing Engagement Board made up of 10 people.

  • Six elected tenant representatives (one will be leaseholder)
  • Three District Councillors
  • Head of Housing, Peter Campbell

Housing Engagement Board

This new board will review, discuss, and make recommendations about how the housing service is managed so it is fair for all tenants.  Together they will discuss, scrutinise and recommend how the service is managed. They will also continually review how well it performs for tenants and leaseholders.  

Elections for representatives will begin in November 2020, when we will ask all tenants if they wish to stand for election.  We will run candidate workshops in February. Ballots will be sent to tenants’ and leaseholders households in March 2021. The new board will be announced in May 2021.

Meetings closer to home header

We are looking to set up three Area Housing Forums, in the north, east and west of the district. Housing representatives that sit on the Housing Engagement Board would chair the quarterly meeting in their local area. The Housing Engagement Board would set the topics of discussion to make sure the most important issues were raised, and tenants are asked their opinions. The meetings will inform tenants about new proposals, policy or service updates.

Tenants will also be able to ask questions either about the housing service in general or discuss their own housing issue.

The local area meetings would replace the current tenant meetings: Tenant Participation Group, Sheltered Housing forums, and Leaseholder forums. There will be sheltered tenant meetings regularly held in local communal rooms (when it is safe to do).

More timely information

We send out a printed tenant magazine twice a year. It provides an annual report and other information about your housing service. These will still be delivered to you. Additionally, new framework includes new ways to communicate to tenants such as email, Facebook, the Council webpages, and the My South Cambs customer portal. This will make it easier to update tenants more regularly.

Have your say

Fill in our questionnaire to have your say on the new strategy and how you want to help shape your housing service.

Consultation closes at 1pm, Sunday 30 August 2020.

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