Safety and security

Safety and security

Safety and security in your home

Your safety and security in your home is very important to us.

There are some laws, processes and procedures that we, as your landlord, must adhere to and put in place for the safety of all our tenants.

There are also some actions you need to make in order to help maintain your safety in your home.


When you move in to your new home you will be provided with a house that has secure doors and windows.

Please make sure that you keep all of them locked and closed when you go out.

Most burglaries take place unplanned and happen when a thief spots an opportunity; don’t provide one.

Home contents insurance

We do not insure the contents of your home. You are responsible for having adequate contents insurance to cover your possessions against loss, criminal or accidental damage.

For more information, visit our tenants home contents insurance web page.

Safety in your home

Your safety in your home is very important and we, as your landlord must adhere to Laws and put processes and procedures in place to ensure the safety of all of our tenants.

There are also some actions you need to make in order to help maintain your safety in your home.

Fire safety

Smoke alarms

  • Do not tamper with your smoke alarm
  • test the alarm once a week
  • vacuum the alarm twice a year using the soft-brush attachment
  • change the battery once a year
  • tell us if you think it's faulty

Communal areas

Do not store your personal possessions in the communal areas of your property. They can be a fire risk.

Solid fuel heating

We will carry out an annual safety check and sweep your chimney.

Gas safety and escapes or smell of fumes

We will arrange for your gas heating appliance to be serviced annually.

If you suspect a gas leak, or smell of fumes open the windows turn off the supply at the meter.

Do not operate switches as a spark could ignite the gas.

Call National Grid directly and immediately on 0800 111 999

Tenants own gas appliances

We are unable to service a tenant’s gas appliance, such as a cooker or gas fire. However, our gas contractor will carry out and document a visual inspection to check that the appliance is safe to use; any defects will be reported to you. Where  necessary, the appliance will be disconnected from the gas supply as a safety precaution.

Oil, solid fuel and air-source heat pump

We will carry out annual inspections and safety checks to ensure all equipment is functioning correctly and efficiently.

Electrical safety

Electricity must be treated with respect.

Do not use appliances with worn or damaged flexes

  • keep portable mains-operated appliances out of the bathroom
  • if an appliance appears faulty stop using it and have it checked at once 
  • never overload sockets with adaptors
  • always unplug an appliance before working on it
  • look for the CE mark, the BEAB mark, BS safety mark or British Standard number when you buy electrical equipment.

Please refer to your Tenants' handbook for more information on your safety and security in your home.

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