Heads of terms - Section 106 Agreements

Some planning permissions are subject to a Section 106 agreement securing contributions towards local infrastructure.

In order to expedite the determination of planning applications the applicant is required to submit a completed 'Heads of Terms' template alongside the planning application. As such, in the event the decision maker requires a section 106 agreement, then legal services may be instructed without unnecessary delay.

We have created a Heads of Terms template that is available below.

The template covers planning applications of 11 dwellings or more OR applications where the gross combined floorspace does exceed 1000 square metres. These applications are required to provide affordable housing and may also be required to provide financial contributions towards such infrastructure as public open space, indoor community space, early years, primary education, secondary education etc.

Developments that do not meet these thresholds are not eligible for financial contributions of affordable housing.

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