Upgrading our lights to LEDs

LED street lightWe will be upgrading all the 1800 lights that we are responsible for within South Cambridgeshire to low-energy LEDs.  Where we need to, we will also be replacing entire streetlights as part of this work.  The upgrade is planned to start this year (2020) and will be undertaken in two phases.  The first phase will upgrade all our standard lights and the second will include all ornate and heritage lights, which will need careful consideration and close working with parishes to ensure the character of these lights is preserved.  

The upgrade seeks to benefit communities and the environment by improving the quality of the light emitted, reducing the energy used by 60% and reducing light pollution. We will also be installing warmer colour temperature LEDs in response to concerns surrounding the potential effect of bluer LEDs on the body clock.

Consistent with all other streetlights provided by Cambridgeshire County Council our lights will also be dimmed by 40%, giving a 60% light output between 10pm and 6am.

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