Consultative committee

The Consultative Committee is set up to provide an opportunity to discuss local issues surrounding the remediation and development of the site and comprises representatives of the following bodies:

  • The Developer - Harrow Estates (Secretary)
  • The Remediation Contractor - Vertase FLI
  • Independent Consultant - Atkins
  • Environment Agency Officer
  • South Cambridgeshire District Council Officer
  • Cambridgeshire County Council Officer
  • SCDC District Councillor (Chair)
  • CCC County Councillor
  • Hauxton Parish Councillor

It was set up as part of the Section 106 Agreement related to the planning consent.

The formal requirement is set out in section 7 of the Section 106 below:

Consultative committee

The Owner covenants and agrees with the Council to establish as soon as reasonably practicable after the grant of the Planning Permission a local liaison forum/consultative committee including representatives of the Owner and any company or body carrying out the Development and to invite representatives of the Council, the County Council, the Parish Council, the Environment Agency, English Nature , The Wildlife Trust and any other bodies directly related to or involved in the Development of the Site which bodies shall first be agreed between the Owner and the Council to join such local liaison forum/consultative committee. There shall be nothing to prevent new bodies subsequently being invited to join the local liaison forum/consultative committee subject to the same criteria applying and such new bodies being agreed between the Owner and the Council. Such local liaison/consultative committee shall monitor progress of the Development and the subsequent operation of the Site and provide a means to consider matters of local concern relating to the Site Provided always that the Council and/or the County Council shall not have any obligation to fund such local liaison/consultative committee forum at any time. The aims and objections of the local liaison forum/consultative committee unless otherwise agreed between the Council and the Owner shall be those summarised in the Schedule to this Deed

The aims and objectives of the forum are also set out as part of the agreement:

 Aims and Objectives

The main purpose of the Consultative Committee is to facilitate communication and understanding between interested parties. Set out below are the initial Aims and Objectives for the Consultative Committee and some general points as to the operation of the Consultative Committee.

1. Objectives of the Consultative Committee

  • To provide an informal forum to appraise representatives of interested parties of progress of Development on the Site.
  • To give local representatives of interested parties an opportunity to discuss any matters arising from operations on the Site
  • To enable any questions that they might have to be addressed by the Owner and/or regulatory bodies

2. Aims of the Consultative Committee

Maintain liaison and rapport between the Owner the Council the County Council the Parish Council and the local community

Develop lines of communication between the Owner the Council the County Council the Parish Council and local community in order that the major issues and items of concern can be addressed directly and efficiently

Provide a forum for discussion and where possible a resolution of problems not achieved by b.

Provide a means of communicating progress on the Site through site visits and discussion of monitoring of the Site and the Owner's compliance with the approved scheme of operations as detailed in the Planning Permission and this Deed

Provide an opportunity to inform interested parties of any new proposals or any submissions to amend or vary the approved scheme of Development

Provide a forum to discuss particular aspects of the operations on the Site and where appropriate invite participation by specialist bodies

3. General

Only matters relating directly to the Site and its environs shall be discussed

A Chairperson and Secretary shall be appointed at the first meeting of the Consultative Committee. Professional representatives of regulatory bodies cannot be considered for the Chairmanship of the Consultative Committee

Minutes shall be kept by the Secretary and subsequently approved by the Consultative Committee. Minutes and Agenda to be circulated at least 1 week before next meeting

The Consultative Committee is not empowered to take executive decisions or vote on any item

If you wish to raise anything at the forum please contact any of the representatives above.

Minutes of the Consultative Committee meetings:

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