Cess pools, pits and septic tanks

There are many private sector companies advertising for the emptying of cess pools, pits and septic tanks. These organisations need to be registered carriers of waste and have a licence to discharge effluent with the water company. They also need to provide you with a waste transfer note (also known as a Duty of Care).

You also have this legal duty of care to ensure that your waste is disposed off properly. Should something untoward happen and you cannot establish who took your waste and where it was supposed to go then you could be fined for a breach of this duty of care. It is therefore necessary for you to obtain and keep this waste transfer note (Duty of Care).

How to care for your system

  • Conserve water
  • Use detergents sparingly
  • Don't flush sanitary items or nappies into the septic tank/cesspool
  • Check your bathroom cleaning products are safe to use with a septic tank
  • If your washing machine drains into your tank, try to use a liquid detergent.

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