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Elections 2017

Barrington Parish Council By-election

An election took place in the parish of Barrington on 14 December 2017. The result are declared below:

Declaration of Result

Details of the candidates standing for election can be viewed in the Statement of Persons Nominated below.

Notice of poll - Barrington Parish By-election

Statement of Persons Nominated - Barrington Parish By-election

Notice of Election - Barrington Parish By-election

If you have any questions about the by-election you can email or call 03450 455214.


UK Parliamentary General Election

The Prime Minister called a General Election which was held on Thursday 8 June 2017.

Heidi Allen was returned as the MP for South Cambridgeshire. The full results for the constituency can be viewed in the formal Declaration of Results below.

 Declaration of Results - South Cambridgeshire Parliamentary Constituency, 8 June 2017

 Notice as to the Return of Election Expenses - South Cambridgeshire Parliamentary Constituency, 8 June 2017

2017 Elections

You can also download the infographic from Flickr

For information about the South East Cambridgeshire parliamentary constituency, please visit the East Cambridgeshire District Council website.

Rampton Parish By-election

A by-election has been held in the parish of Rampton after a request was made by 10 electors from within the parish.

The by-election took place on 22 June 2017. Full results can be viewed below:

 Declaration of Result - Rampton Parish By-election

 Notice of Poll - Rampton Parish By-election

 Notice of Election - Rampton Parish By-election

For more information contact the elections office on 03450 455214.

Elections held on 4 May 2017

Elections were held on Thursday 4 May 2017 for both Cambridgeshire County Council and for the first Mayor of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority.

We also held a by-election in the Bourn ward of South Cambridgeshire District Council, caused by the resignation of Cllr Mervyn Loynes.

South Cambridgeshire District Council - Bourn ward results:
Ruth Ellen Betson - The Conservative Party Candidate - 1,426 (ELECTED)
Mark Hurn - The Labour Party Candidate - 573
Jennifer Mari Sawford - Liberal Democrat - 871

You can view the results online for Cambridgeshire County Council.
The Mayoral results are published on East Cambridgeshire District Council's website.

The statement of the persons standing nominated in each of the county divisions, in the Bourn ward by-election and the Mayoral election can be viewed below:

Notice of Poll - County

Notice of Poll - Bourn ward by-election

Statement of Persons Nominated - County

Statement of Persons Nominated - Bourn ward by-election

Statement of Persons Nominated - Combined Authority Mayoral Election

Notice of Election Agents - Combined Authority Mayoral Election

Spreadsheet lists of the candidates that stood in the local polls can be viewed below:

South Cambridgeshire County Council Candidates 2017

Bourn ward By-election Candidates 2017

The County Council has recently undergone a review of it's electoral arrangements, which means it has a new pattern of divisions (the areas councillors represent).
View our new divisions list to see divisions within South Cambridgeshire.

Notice of Election - Combined Authority Mayoral Election

Notice of Election - Cambridgeshire County Council Elections

Notice of Election - Bourn Ward By-election

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority Mayoral election

The Returning Officer for the Combined Authority Mayoral election is John Hill, chief executive of East Cambridgeshire District Council.
Please contact the council directly for more information.

All electors who are registered to vote received a booklet with information about the mayoral candidates.

Cambridgeshire County Council elections

All seats on the County Council were up for election.

View Cambridgeshire County Council councillor information.


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