Community Governance Review of Caxton, Elsworth and Cambourne Parishes

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The community governance review for Caxton, Elsworth and Cambourne Parishes aims to secure an arrangement which

  • Reflects the identifies and interests of the community in that area
  • Is effective and convenient
  • Takes into account any other arrangements for the purpose of community representation or community engagement

It ought to result in arrangements which will bring about improved community engagement, better local democracy and result in more effective and convenient delivery of local services. Please refer to the Terms of Reference, which were published 28 April 2017.

please click here to view a map of the current parish boundaries.

Consequential matters

A full electoral review of the district's warding arrangements is currently underway, with implementation of the new district ward boundaries due to take effect at all out elections in May 2018. This electoral review (undertaken by the local Government Boundary Commission for England) will not be completed in time to lay out likely consequential matters at this stage of the review. 

Should district ward boundaries need to be changed after a Community Governance Review, the Council must make an application to the Local Government Boundary Commission for England to make consequential amendments. 

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