Community Governance Review for Stapleford

We have under taken a community governance review of the parish of Stapleford to consider if there should be an increase in the number of parish councillors from 9 to 11 to support Stapleford Parish Council to undertake increased workload. We were approached by Stapleford Parish Council who requested this review.

The community governance review commences with the publication of the Terms of Reference on 12 September 2018.

Stapleford Community Governance Review - Terms of Reference 

An online consultation form was available from 12 September on our consultation portal and provided the opportunity to agree or disagree with the proposal of increasing the number of Stapleford Parish Councillors from 9 to 11.

Paper copies were made available from South Cambridgeshire District Council Offices in Cambourne, and from the Stapleford Parish Council clerk, The Chestnuts, Cox's Close Communal Building. All responses made online or paper copies were returned to our offices by midnight 12 November 2018.

The consultation has now closed. The Council's Civic Affairs Committee has deferred a decision on this review pending further information.  The Committee next meets on 5 March 2019. 

The review will follow the timetable outlined below and the process will be concluded by 28 Feb 2019.

Full Timeline for Community Governance Review

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Timetable for Community Governance Review

Terms of Reference are published

12 September 2018

Submissions invited

12 September 2018

Consultation closes

Midnight on 12 November 2018

Consideration of submissions received and recommendation prepared

From 13 November to 23 November 2018


Recommendations are published, concluding the review

 (Civic Affairs Committee, 4 December)


December  2018

Council can make a Reorganisation of Community Governance Order

February  2019


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We need your personal data to ensure the consultation responses are unique to you.  Your personal data will be anonymised should your response be published; in some cases responses maybe listed by postcode and parish.  

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