Community governance review for Haslingfield Parish

A community governance review for the parish of Haslingfield

The Council has undertaken a community governance review of the parish of Haslingfield, prompted by the new housing development at Trumpington Meadows, which has altered the geographical spread of housing across the parish. The resulting spatial separation between the two population centres  no longer corresponded to a parish boundary that reflected a natural settlement pattern. Furthermore, the two populations may not have shared a common identity or interests.

The community governance review commenced with the publication of its terms of reference, 15 February 2016. 


South Cambridgeshire District Council's Civic Affairs committee considered the submissions made in the first round of the public consultation and agreed to consult further on a proposal for the future community governance of Haslingfield Parish. However, in the light of the submissions received through the second round of consultation and given that there were too few voters on the electoral register to allow a recommendation for the creation of a parish council, the committee agreed the following recommendation, 09 December 2016.

  • Creation of a new civil parish, with the civil parish to be comprised of that land currently within Haslingfield Parish which is bounded by the River Cam to the west and to the south by the M11. Lingey Fen to be transferred to Granchester Parish, bounded to the south by the M11. That area of land bounded to the north by the M11 and by the River Cam as far south as Hauxton Mill, with a boundary formed along the current boundary between the parishes of Haslingfield and Harston, to transfer to Hauxton Parish. 
  • The new parish to be represented by a parish meeting. 
  • The rescaled parish of Haslingfield to retain its current complement of parish councillors, which the parish council finds satisfactory at present (the alteration of parish boundaries does not require the re-election of incumbent councillors, outside the normal electoral cycle). 
  • Haslingfield Parish holds no assets and offers no services in those areas to be (a) transferred to Grantchester Parish Council, (b) the new parish or (c) Hauxton Parish.
  • The Civic Affairs committee makes a recommendation of the name "South Trumpington" for the civil parish.

This recommendation was considered and agreed by Council 26 January 2017. The new governance arrangements will take effect from 01 April 2017, following the issue of a Reorganisation Order.

Earlier stages of the community governance review:

Briefings were given over the first month of the review and a copy of the presentation given at these briefings is given here in pdf format:  PDF iconhaslingfield_cgr_presentation.pdf

Submissions were accepted between 15 March 2016 and 13 June 2016 for the first round of consultation.  These were made via an on-line submission form or in paper copy. Following receipt of the submissions during the first round of consultation, the Council's Civic Affairs Committee considered various options, reflective of the submissions received (meeting held 28 July 2016).

The committee agreed to consult further on one of these options, with the draft recommendation as published here, 15 August 2016.

The review will follow the timetable outlined below and the process will be concluded by 15 February 2017.

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Timetable for the Community Governance Review for Haslingfield Parish

Publication of the Terms of Reference

15 Feb 2016

Local briefings and meetings

Feb / March 2016

Stage One: Submissions invited

From 15 March to 13 June  2016

Stage Two: Submissions considered and recommendations prepared

Draft recommendations published 15 August 2016

Stage Three:  Consultation on draft recommendations

Consultation closes 14 November 2016

Final recommendation to Civic Affairs committee

9 December 2016

Council resolves to make a Reorganisation Order

26 January 2017


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