Single person discount information (SPD)

If you are the only person aged 18 or over living in a property considered to be your sole or main residence, then you may qualify for a 25% discount on your Council Tax bill.

Before you apply, please ensure you have your Council Tax account number (beginning 1010) to hand.

If you have become the sole occupier of your home due to someone passing away, please notify us (as well as other relevant organisations) by using the Government's Tell Us Once service.

If you have become the sole occupier due to someone going into permanent care, please complete the contact us form to provide the full details including the address of the Care Home.

Apply for (or cancel) Single Person Discount

Which is my main residence?

For most people, it is easy to determine their main residence as there is only one property which fulfils all the following criteria:

  • They own or rent it.
  • They sleep there.
  • That are registered to vote there.
  • It's their family address (their partner and children live there).
  • They keep their belongings there.
  • If they weren't working or travelling away, where would they return to?

The above factors are the issues we are instructed to consider in order to determine someone’s sole or main residence by Council Tax Case Law.

However if you have an interest in more than one property we will need to establish which address we consider to be your main residence for Council Tax purposes (for example if you stay away from home during the week or longer for work purposes, then we generally consider the property you return to be your main residence).

I have a partner or spouse occupying another property, am I still entitled to SPD?

Usually, a couple are considered to be living together. We would determine one property to be the main residence for both, even if they own or rent separate properties. An absence by either person is likely to be seen as temporary, for example:

  • If one person works away during the week.
  • If one person works abroad but returns during non-working periods.
  • If one person is serving in the armed forces but returns to the property during leave. (If the serving member of the forces serves a tour of duty, they may be entitled to a rebate through their expenses. Please contact the relevant military personnel who deals with expenses for further information)

In the above instances the full Council tax charge would be applied.

The application process

With all applications we verify the information received to ensure that the correct requirements are met. In some instances we may require further information or evidence, in which case we will write to you.

Once the application has been verified we will apply the discount to the Council Tax and send you a revised bill confirming the change. We are usually able to apply the discount within 28 days of the application, however this may vary depending on our volume of work.

Cancelling Single Person Discount

If you cease to be the only person aged 18 or over living in the property, please use the form below to cancel your SPD. If you prefer, you can also email or call us on 03450450064 so that we can remove your discount. You may be liable for a penalty if you fail to inform us of the change.

Apply for (or cancel) Single Person Discount

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