Religious bodies and people from abroad

Residents who are members of Religious Bodies and certain International Organisations can be disregarded for Council Tax, or if the property is their main residence in the United Kingdom, it could be exempt.

In order to apply for an exemption or discount, please visit our Supporting Evidence page to find out what evidence you may need and to make an online application.

If you would like to discuss whether you might be entitled, you should contact the Revenues Team by email or call us on 01954 713 000.

Foreign Diplomats and Members of Visiting Forces

Certain foreign diplomats, members of visiting forces and NATO representatives (and their dependants) can be disregarded for Council Tax.

If any of these are the liable person of their main residence, it can be exempt from Council Tax.

(For example, if they rent or own their own property, they it might be exempt from Council Tax. If they are a lodger in a larger household and live with the owner, they might be disregarded so the owner gets a discount).

  • The above persons must not be a permanent UK resident, British Citizen or Subject.

Armed Forces Accommodation

Ministry of Defence properties which are owned by the Secretary of State and used for the purposes of Armed Forces accommodation are exempt from Council Tax.

They do however pay a Contribution in Lieu which is equivalent to the Council Tax they would be charged.

Religious Bodies

Some members of religious communities, such as monks and nuns who are dependent on the religious organisation to provide for their material needs, are disregarded for Council Tax.

A property which is unoccupied and awaiting a Minister of religion is exempt. This usually applies to Vicarages and places from where Religious duties will be carried out.

You will need to continue to pay your council tax as per your instalments until a discount or exemption is granted.

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