Legal or financial issues

There are a number of exemptions available for properties which are unoccupied because the liable person is prevented from occupying it.

In order to apply for an exemption or discount, please visit our Supporting Evidence page to find out what evidence you may need and to make an online application.

If you would like to discuss whether you might be entitled, please contact the Revenues Team by email or call us on 01954 713 000.

  • A property left unoccupied by the liable person who has now been detained in prison or under the Mental Health Act 1983 (this doesn't include people detained for non-payment of fines or Council Tax, or in Police Custody before a first court appearance).
  • An unoccupied property which has been repossessed by a Mortgage Lender.
  • An unoccupied property for which the liable party has been made bankrupt, and the liable person is now a Trustee in Bankruptcy.
  • A dwelling which has a planning restriction which does not allow it to be let out separately from another dwelling in the same grounds.
  • A property which has a legal restriction preventing it from being occupied.

You will need to continue to pay your council tax as per your instalments until a discount or exemption is granted.

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