Empty properties following the death of a resident

Dealing with administration following the death of a person can be difficult and our Council Tax Team are available by email at revenues@scambs.gov.uk or by telephone 03450 450 064 if we can be of any assistance with regard to Council Tax.

When the liable person of a property passes away and the Executors of the Estate become responsible for the empty property, it may be exempt from Council Tax. This exemption can last until 6 months after probate has been granted or letters of administration have been made.

Once the 6-month limit has expired, the full charge will be due.

Please note:

  • If somebody moves into the property or the property is sold or ownership is transferred, the exemption will end and the resident/owner will become liable for the Council Tax.
  • In the situation where the property was jointly owned, the Council Tax liability will pass to the surviving owner and a full charge will be due from the date of death.

If you are the Council Tax account holder and you wish to apply for a reduction as a member of your household has passed away, please visiting our supporting evidence page to make an online application.

If you are not the Council Tax account holder and wish to notify us that someone has passed away, please complete this online notification form.

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