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Localised Council Tax support

Visit our Benefits page if you wish to apply for Council Tax Support.

The Local Council Tax Support Scheme for residents is approved annually by full Council, this is normally done in January for the following financial year.


The key points of the scheme are as follows: 

Pensioners - there is a national requirement that all pensioners are protected from any reductions and their Local Council Tax Support will be assessed under the same rules applied under Council Tax Benefit. 


Working age – There are a number of protections. Where a customer falls into one of these groups their benefit will continue to be assessed under the same rules applied under the current CTB rules. The protections are: 

  • Lone parents with a child aged under 5
  • People who are carers – they must qualify for Carers Allowance (this includes an underlying entitlement)
  • People who receive any element of level of Disability Living Allowance, Carers Allowance or the support component of Employment Support Allowance.


All other working age customers will have a 8.5% reduction in the Council Tax Support (this is deducted at the end so effectively the amount customers get under Council Tax Benefit will be reduced by 8.5% based on the new year CTAX liability). 

There are no provisions for any discretionary awards under the CTS scheme. Also the scheme does not have any provisions for backdating for working age customers or for Second Adult rebate.


The full details of the current scheme are available in this document:

Council Tax Reduction Scheme Information 

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