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Annexes, caravans and boat moorings

Caravan Pitches and Boat Moorings

When a caravan plot doesn’t have a caravan on it, or a boat mooring doesn’t have a boat occupying it, the plot/mooring can be exempt from Council Tax.

If the plot or mooring will not be used as a main residence in the future, it can be removed from the valuation list.


Planning Restrictions on Annexes/Attached Properties

If a dwelling (usually annexe) has a planning restriction which does not allow it to be let out separately from another dwelling in the same grounds, it can be exempt from Council Tax.


Annexe Discount - 50%

Annexes can be discounted in certain circumstances:

  • If an annexe is unoccupied and used as part of the main residence by the residents of the main dwelling.
  • If an annexe is being used by a relative of a liable person in the main dwelling.


Dependant Relatives in an Annexe

Where a second dwelling in a single property (an annexe for example) is occupied by a dependent relative, that annexe might be exempt from Council Tax.

  • They would need to be dependent due to age (if they are at least 65 years old), disability, or drug or alcohol dependence).


I think I am entitled to a discount or exemption, what should I do now?

If you think you may be entitled to a discount, you should contact the Revenues Team on or call us on 03450 450 064.

You will need to continue to pay your council tax as per your instalments until a discount or exemption is granted.

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