£150 Energy Rebate

We are no longer accepting applications for the main scheme Energy Rebate (Bands A-D or E with Disabled Band Relief).  If you have not yet claimed this rebate, it will be applied as a credit to your Council Tax account and you will receive a revised Council Tax bill. If your Council Tax account is now in credit, you can complete and return the form enclosed with your revised bill to apply for a refund. 

If you are entitled to a local scheme Energy Rebate, please complete the below application form.

Apply for £150 Energy Rebate

To help people deal with rising energy costs, the Government announced that households which are in Council Tax bands A to D will receive a £150 rebate [PDF, 0.3MB]. This rebate is not part of the Council Tax system so it will be paid separately, with payments being made from mid-April 2022 onwards. It will not show on your annual Council Tax bill from the Council. We have provided some questions and answers below, and you can also read the Government's answers to the most frequently asked questions by households about the rebate scheme. Please note that we will cease to accept applications for the main scheme Energy Rebate from Sunday 11 September onwards. 

What is the Council Tax Energy Rebate Scheme? 

The Council Tax Energy Rebate is a scheme to pay £150 to households in Council Tax bands A, B, C and D to help with the costs of rising energy bills. It’s part of a package of measures announced by the Government on 3 February 2022.

When are we paying people?

If you pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit and we have been able to verify all your details, a payment will have been made automatically.  If you have recently set up a Direct Debit or changed your details, you will need to wait until we have successfully collected a Direct Debit payment before the automatic payment can be made.

Anyone whose details we have not been able to verify or those who do not pay by Direct Debit will be required to complete a short application form.  A payment will be made once eligibility has been confirmed and we have carried out the Government required verification checks. We are required to make all payments by the end of September.

If we are unable to confirm someone is eligible and meets the criteria at the end of the day on 1 April, we will be asking them to complete a brief declaration to confirm their eligibility. This may mean a slight delay in payment for some, but we believe this is necessary to ensure we only pay the rebate to where it is genuinely intended. For example, someone may have recently moved home. Any payments that are paid incorrectly would then need to be recovered.

Who is eligible for this rebate?

You are eligible for this rebate if your home is in Council Tax band A to D. This also includes any band E property paying the equivalent of band D where disabled relief has been applied. Please note:

  • The property must be occupied
  • The property must be someone's sole or main residence
  • Payments must be made to the liable Council Tax-payer
  • The property must be a chargeable dwelling. Properties with the following exemptions will also be eligible:
    • Class N -students
    • Class S – under 18
    • Class U – severe mental impairment
    • Class W – occupied annexe
  • Accounts in receipt of Council Tax Reduction (CTR) will be eligible

Any properties that are unoccupied, classed as a second home, or the liable party is a local authority, corporate body, housing association, or government body, will not be eligible for the £150 Energy Bills Rebate.

Local Energy Rebate Scheme 

We have also agreed a local energy rebate scheme which will provide the following assistance:

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Eligible Households Rebate Amount
Households in Council Tax bands E-H, who are receipt of Local Council Tax Support as at 1 April 2022 £150 per household 
Households in Council Tax bands E-H, which are exempt from paying Council Tax under classes N (excluding HMOs), S, U, W* as at 1 April 2022 £150 per household 
Households in Council Tax band F-H, which as a result of a Disabled Band Reduction, are in bands E-G as at 1 April 2022  £150 per household 
Households with a Council Tax band in A-D, who are in receipt of Local Council Tax Support as at 1 April 2022 £25 per household, in addition to the main grant of £150 per household 

*Council Tax Exemption class categories:
N = all residents are students (excluding Houses of Multiple Occupation)
S = all residents are under 18
U = all residents are severely mentally impaired
W = annexe occupied by family’s elderly or disabled relative.
Eligibility will be determined based on the position on the Council’s systems at the end of the day on 1st April 2022.

Read our Local Energy Rebate Scheme Policy [PDF, 0.2MB]

Despite the name, it’s not part of the Council Tax system so you won’t see a reduction on your annual bill. The scheme uses information held for Council Tax purposes as the basis to work out who is eligible to receive the one-off payment of £150.

We will ask you to complete a simple, short online form to request the payment. We are required to make sure the bank account is in the name of the person who is liable for Council Tax. We must also carry out verification on the bank details for those who do not currently pay by direct debit.

We are also giving non-direct debit payers the option to have the rebate credited to their Council Tax account.  A short online form is available to request this.

If you have a query about the energy rebate please contact us at energyrebate@scambs.gov.uk

We are committed to ensuring that rebates are only paid to those that are genuinely entitled. Whilst we understand that most people are honest there are, unfortunately, some people or groups that will deliberately attempt to commit fraud to misdirect funds for their own personal gain or to fund more serious crime.

Reducing fraud is important to us. Fraud impacts on the services and assistance that we can provide to families and our broader communities when they need it the most. Every rebate lost to fraud is a rebate that a family will not receive.

To provide assurance that rebates are only made to those who are truly eligible we will be adopting recommended pre-assurance checks. This may mean that there is a slight delay in receiving a rebate, however we believe this is necessary to pay any assistance to where it is genuinely needed. 

If you suspect fraud please report it to fraud@scambs.gov.uk

The government will not tolerate any council tax payer falsifying their records or providing false evidence to gain access to the Council Tax Rebate or Discretionary Fund. A ratepayer who provides false information or makes false representation in order to benefit from the Council Tax Rebate or Discretionary Fund may be guilty of fraud under the Fraud Act 2006. 

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