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I want to support people in need

We have listed some ways to help your local community and those in need below.

Donate to local charities

There are many local charities that could benefit from your donations. A starting point to see what organisations that help improve people's wellbeing are in your area can be found on the How Are You South Cambs website. To find out if a certain organisation takes donations, please contact them directly.

Volunteer at a foodbank

We have over 20 foodbanks in South Cambridgeshire. If you are interested in volunteering at a foodbank, please visit the foodbank during its opening hours to offer your support.

Food sharing

Share surplus food with your neighbours instead of throwing it away by signing up to Olio, a free food sharing app. On it, you can give away food for free to local people - whether it is groceries from your fridge, foods about to go off or spare home-grown vegetables. This way you can help those who might not have a lot of money for food, whilst also helping the environment by cutting down on your food waste.

Give away unused items

Do you have unwanted household items you want to give away for free to someone who needs it in your community? Online community groups such as Freegle connect local people who can donate for free - everything from sofas and fridges to baby buggies and DVDs.

Donate your winter fuel allowance

If you feel like you don’t need your winter fuel allowance, you could donate it to a local charitable organisation. A list of local charitable organisations can be found on the How Are You South Cambs website.

Car share

Heading in the same direction as someone in your community every day? Why not car share with each other? Not only will this half your fuel costs but it will also reduce emissions and help our environment.

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