Our services that are impacted

This information was last checked on 30 March 2020. 


  • Green bin collections are temporarily suspended from Monday 23 March. We hope them to continue from May but will keep you updated. Further information can be viewed on our green bin collection suspension press release or green bin suspension FAQs.  The service to deliver replacement or additional green bins is also suspended. Can you consider home composting?

  • The bulky waste collection service has been suspended until further notice.

  • Commercial collections are continuing where required. Please email us about any changes required or temporary suspension of service.

  • Please see our advice on handling waste if you are displaying Coronavirus symptomsPlease wash your bin handles and lids with mild disinfectant before you put out for collection

  • Dog bins and litter bins: with more people at home and going for walks if you can take your litter and dog poo home and put it in your black bin to help not to put pressure on street cleaning crews.

  • All Household Recycling Centres across Cambridgeshire are now closed until further notice. See Cambridgeshire County Council Household Recycling Centres for further information. Please note that Cambridgeshire County council are no longer taking calls relating to waste, to prioritise urgent phone calls. 

  • Please do not take any items to any recycling points (for example: textiles, shoes and batteries.). These will not be emptied until further notice.

  • The clinical waste collection service will be changed to fortnightly instead of weekly until further notice. This will be effective as of Wednesday 8 April so the following collection would be Wednesday 22 April. 


Please note due to the current situation with Coronavirus customers should email all supporting documents to our benefits team. 

All Changes of circumstances should be reported through our online form.

If you do not have access to a scanner or phone with a camera and need to provide evidence, in the current period, we will where possible apply the change without the supporting documents, but we will request evidence at a future date.  

Community Governance Review

We are taking advice as to how we can amend the timetable and public engagement programme of the Community Governance Review of Longstanton and Oakington and Westwick, to enable effective consultation to be carried out. In the meantime, please note that we are not able to run the drop in sessions that have been planned to take place in the next four weeks. The Community Governance Review page has the most up to date information.

Council meetings

Formal meetings have been cancelled until Friday 10 April currently.  We are currently awaiting new legislation from the Government that may provide additional options to hold formal meetings virtually.

We will regularly update the committee meeting calendar and ask people to check this to see whether meetings will be going ahead.


The Neighbourhood Plan Referendum for Cottenham has been suspended until further notice. For further information please visit the Elections 2020 page.

Environmental Health

  • Our Environmental Protection Team are no longer undertaking non-essential visits due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This may result in complaints taking longer than usual to investigate. We ask that you please bear with us at this time.
  • We have recently seen an increase in the number of noise, odour and smoke from bonfire complaints as more people are at home for longer periods. During these difficult times we ask that all our residents be considerate to their neighbours and that they don't do anything that will unreasonably interfere with the use of another person’s home.
  • The Environmental Protection Act 1990 deals with statutory nuisance, not annoyance. As more people are at home for longer periods during this pandemic, more domestic noise may be generated e.g. movements within a property, children playing, dogs barking, etc. Normal domestic living noises cannot be investigated unless they are excessive.
  • Please do not play music that is audible outside of the boundary of your home
  • Burning of garden waste is not advised currently because some residents will be shielding and self-isolating.  Government advice is to stay at home and have windows open. If residents have bonfires, this will negatively impact on others as windows cannot be opened. 
  • As green bin collections are temporarily suspended, please ensure that food waste is correctly bagged and placed in your black waste bins.
  • Our Environmental Protection Team are helping to ensure that the vulnerable residents in or society have the items that they need to get through this difficult time and this is where our efforts need to be concentrated on, so please, before you contact us, consider whether the complaint can wait or whether you are suffering an ‘annoyance’ rather than a statutory nuisance.

Freedom of Information (FOI) requests

There may be a delay in our response time which will exceed the 20-day deadline for FOI requests - visit our FOI page for further information.

Health and Wellbeing


Updates for Council tenants

Non-essential works suspended

All planned works (except for gas safety inspections - see more below) are on hold until further notice. If you are affected, the team will contact you to reschedule the work when we know more. You can continue to report non-urgent repairs in the usual way.

Essential works that will continue include:

  • Supply of basic services, heating, water, electricity
  • Repairs which are causing damage to the property
  • Health and Safety issues

Gas safety inspections

Landlords have a legal duty to conduct gas safety inspections and ensure appliances are safe, so Mears will continue to carry out these scheduled gas inspections and services until the Government suspends this.

Please be assured that Mears engineers are adhering to guidance around hygiene, using hand sanitisers and wipes, and confirming whether anyone in the household is self-isolating or has been in contact  with anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or has recently gone into self-isolation, postponing the inspection if so. Engineers can also cancel an appointment if they have other concerns. New appointments will be arranged for after a 14 day period. 

Ground maintenance

Grass cutting and other scheduled ground maintenance works for South Cambridgeshire District Council have been delayed. Once work can recommence, the team is hoping to double up on grass cutting to complete the work as quickly as possible. 


There may be fewer properties available to bid on than usual over the coming weeks. It may also take longer for the relevant landlord to complete the shortlisting and letting process. For more information visit the Home-Link site.

Tenant and leaseholder involvement

The estate inspections planned in Fulbourn and Sawston during April have both been cancelled.

Ermine Street Housing


Premises Licensing

The Health Protection Regulations 2020 came into force on 21 March 2020 requiring a number of premises and businesses to close during the Coronavirus emergency. The Government released further guidance about additional businesses that need to close on 23 March 2020. Check the full list on our dedicated page. 

Taxi Licensing

We have had to change how we process Vehicle, Driver and Operator licensing due to the current situation with Coronavirus. Please read the full changes on our dedicated page.

Northstowe Community Wing

The Northstowe Community Wing will be closed until further notice - visit our Community Wing page for updates.

Overseas Pensions Attestations

We are temporarily suspending all overseas pension attestations for recipients of an overseas pension due to the Government’s instruction for the public to stay at home and away from others. Please email our Democratic Services team for further information.


  • Personal searches- from 30 March until 10 April we are not able to provide a personal search service for Local Land Charges. This is due to a system upgrade being carried out. All existing personal searches will be returned electronically including after 10 April, until the present situation changes. Continue to use the current booking service by emailing South Cambs at land.charges@scambs.gov.uk or City at land.charges@cambridge.gov.uk. Please do not attend the Council buildings.
  • Local Land charges searches and payments- must be submitted electronically. We cannot process cheques at the current time.  Please email the appropriate Council as detailed above.
  • Planning duty officer advice service will be provided by telephone. Please telephone our Contact Centre on 03450 450 500 for an appointment.
  • Planning applications should, wherever possible, be submitted electronically via the planning application portal or alternatively by email. We are not able to process hard copy/paper applications at the present time.
  • All correspondence should be submitted electronically to avoid delays in processing.
  • Cheque payments cannot be processed at the current time. All payments should be made electronically/by BACs.
  • We are not currently carrying out site visits, unless for emergencies or other exceptional circumstances in accordance with Government advice about minimising travel and keeping within the social distancing requirements. This means that if you submit a pre-application request or planning application, we ask you to submit good quality photos and other contextual information to help us to assess any impacts of the development. Any emergency site visits that we do carry out will be governed by social distancing requirements and you will be asked a series of triage questions in advance of the visit being arranged.
  • Our meetings are being conducted by Teams, Skype and conference call so are continuing on this basis.
  • If you have a general query, please email: planning@greatercambridgeplanning.org. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can and to assist you but please bear in mind that we may have reduced staff capacity at times due to the current situation.


  • We are still recruiting however due to the current situation with coronavirus, our recruitment process may take longer than usual. If you have any queries please contact scdcrecruitment@scambs.gov.uk

Street lights

  • We are only responding to urgent faults with our street lights. Urgent faults are those that pose an immediate risk of injury and require immediate attention and should be reported over the telephone only. 
  • Please continue to report general faults, such as a light not working, so that we have a record ready for when normal services can resume.
  • Please also continue to contact us regarding any attachment requests in accordance with our guidance. We will not be able to approve requests currently but we can begin to review your requirements. 

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