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Over 2,500 volunteers signed up to the Cambridgeshire COVID-19 Coordination Hub to help vulnerable residents, so there is not currently a push for volunteers to sign up. However, if you would like to register an interest in volunteering, please sign up here

More specifically, if you would like to register with the County Council's car scheme volunteers, please sign up here.

For more information about volunteering in general and to find local opportunities you can visit:

Foodbank donations

Foodbanks are experiencing a surge in demand coupled with a drop in food being donated. You can help by donating food at collection points within local supermarkets. You can see which items are most needed locally by checking Cambridge City Foodbank.

Give blood

Hospital patients are still relying on lifesaving donations of blood and throughout the lockdown period, giving blood has always been classed as essential travel. Visit the Give Blood website for who can give blood and where to donate. Give Blood have introduced new measures to improve distancing at their centres and the teams are also trained in thorough universal hygiene precautions to prevent the spreads of all infections. 

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