Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs

Citizens Advice recognise it is a difficult and challenging time for everyone and are here to help. Although the outreach service has been suspended they can still provide you with information and support you with your problems 

My place of work has closed, I am not working, what can I do?

There is information available about the furlough scheme (agreed between employee and employer), vulnerable people and time off. Find out more on or Acas.

Now l'm not working, I can now claim benefits?

Maybe, but your eligibility is not certain as it is calculated on household income, savings etc. Before going straight to apply, it would be best to check using an online calculator as you may also be able to claim certain new style benefits based on your contribution history.

I'm self-employed, now what do I do?

A scheme has now been developed to help the self-employed. You will be contacted by HMRC using information from your previous tax returns. You may also be able to claim benefits, please see above.

I'm worried about my home and paying the rent

No renter in either social or private accommodation will be forced out of their home during the COVID2019 crisis. Find out more on

I think I have been a victim of a scam

Unfortunately the internet is being used more to buy things and communicate, and this has led to a spike in scams when people are at their most vulnerable. Please be vigilant and don't click on links if you are suspicious. Citizens advice have published some further guidance on this.

Will this affect my immigration application?

Refer to guidance from the government. 

I can't cope with my debts and this has added to the stress.

Firstly approach creditors and ask for payment holidays, holds whilst your income is reduced and deal with your urgent priority payments and debts. There is some support published on Citizens Advice and on the Money Saving Expert website.

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