Advice for residents who are shielding

This information was last checked on 26 May 2020.

What is shielding?

Shielding is a measure to protect extremely vulnerable people by minimising interaction between those who are extremely vulnerable and others. This means that those who are extremely vulnerable should not leave their homes, and within their homes should minimise all non-essential contact with other members of their household. This is to protect those who are at very high risk of severe illness from coronavirus (COVID-19) from coming into contact with the virus.

People most at risk should have been contacted by the NHS, but residents can speak to their GP or care team if they have not been contacted and think they should have been.

How the extremely vulnerable should protect themselves from Coronavirus

Please see the full Government guidance on shielding and protecting people who are clinically extremely vulnerable from COVID-19. This lists the sorts of conditions that may make an individual extremely vulnerable. 

The NHS also detail the do's and don'ts of how to protect yourself from Coronavirus, such as:

  • Strictly avoiding contact with someone who is displaying symptoms of coronavirus
  • Not attending any gatherings
  • Not going out for shopping, leisure or travel
  • When arranging food or medication deliveries, ensuring these are left at the door
  • Using telephone or online services to contact your GP or other essential services - if you require an ambulance, call 999 and tell the call handler you’re following shielding measures because of an underlying health condition

Coronavirus advice and guidance for pregnant and postnatal women

NHS England have developed new information leaflets for expectant and new parents:

Please be aware of the changes to the visiting policies at all three local hospitals:

Government food parcels

Opting in to receive food parcels

Shielding residents should have received a letter asking them to visit the Government’s website to register to receive food parcels if they need them. We are aware that although many people are already receiving these food parcels, it may take a number of weeks for some individuals to start receiving the parcels.

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough countywide hub is contacting everyone on the shielded list on a weekly basis to check in. During this call, residents should let the caller know whether they are likely to need a food parcel within the next week or whether they need any additional support – from medicine deliveries to wellbeing support. To contact the countywide hub people can email or call 0345 0455219.

Opting out of receiving a food parcel and access to supermarket delivery slots prioritised for shielding individuals

There is a way to cancel a direct Government food package if someone on the shielded list does not need them anymore. Please ask the resident to go to the Government’s website and re-register. When they re-register they will need to tick the ‘yes’ box when asked whether they have an alternative way of getting essential food supplies. Please be aware that by ticking this box the resident will no longer be on the online priority list for supermarket delivery slots. There is not a solution at the moment to enable people to have priority supermarket delivery slot without being on the list to receive Government food parcels.

How to stay safe when accepting help from others

Please always check the latest Government guidance on safe help - which includes information on how to stay safe if a volunteer is helping you. 

If a volunteer is helping you while you stay at home:

  • do not give them your credit or debit card numbers or other financial information
  • ask for ID if someone you do not know calls at your home
  • only share your phone number or address if you need to
  • only give your information on a need-to-know basis
  • do not let them pressure you into giving information

Remember that volunteers should not enter your home.

If you have serious concerns about the behaviour of someone who is helping you, report this to the police.

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