About your Tenancy

Tenant Handbook

The Tenants' handbook covers all aspects of your tenancy including, paying your rent, repairs, problems with your tenancy or neighbours, our services and much more. 

Tenancy Agreement

A copy of the current Tenancy Agreement

Changes to your tenancy

At some point you may need to make a change to your tenancy.  All requests need to be made in writing to Housing Services, either using our contact us form or to SCDC, South Cambridgeshire Hall, Cambourne Business Park, Cambourne, Cambridge, CB23 6EA.

Examples of changes can include:

  • Removal of a joint tenant due to divorce, break up or death
  • Addition of a tenant due to marriage or living with a partner for more than 12 months
  • Change of name
  • Permission to have a lodger
  • Permission to have pets at the property
  • Ending of tenancy


We would like tenants to have a home that best suits their needs. So, if your circumstances change (for example if your family becomes bigger or smaller), then you can ask to move into a different property. We will do what we can to help.

There are always more people who want to live in our properties than vacancies and we have to balance the needs of tenants who want to move with those who are waiting for a home.

Homes are allocated under the choice based lettings system called Home-Link.

Leaving your home

Please give your housing services officer at least four weeks’ notice of your intention to move out of your home. You can do this by filing in our notice form.

Before you leave you must make sure that:

  • gas and electrical supplies are safe and turned off
  • you have taken readings from all meters
  • you have informed all suppliers (gas, electricity, water, phone)
  • you have told the council tax office and, if you receive any benefits, the housing benefit office
  • your rent is paid up to date
  • all of your belongings have been removed
  • the property is in a good state of repair
  • the property is clean
  • you have locked all windows and external doors and have two keys for each door lock
  • you must hand your keys into our main office at Cambourne. If you are unable to do this you must contact your housing services officer

If you do not have the correct number of keys and/or if your home is not left in a reasonable condition then you will be liable for charges. All rubbish must be removed as we will recharge for the disposal of it and any other items left in the property, garden or sheds.


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